Minor Baccalaureate Specialization Framework

The following framework establishes the eligibility requirements and conditions for the completion of a program of study at Capilano University that leads to a minor baccalaureate specialization. See individual program descriptions for the course requirements associated with a specific minor.

  • A student enrolled in a CapU program of study that leads to a baccalaureate degree may declare enrolment in a minor.
  • To earn a minor baccalaureate specialization, a student must successfully complete a minimum of fifteen (15.0) upper-level credits that, in accordance with S2024-01-01 Programs of Study Outcomes Procedure (pdf), are within a defined field of study outside the focal discipline(s) of the student’s primary program of study.
  • A student may enrol in multiple minors while enrolled in a major or honours program or while pursuing a double-minor option.
  • A double-minor option, within the context of either the Bachelor of Arts Degree Framework or the Bachelor of Science Degree Framework, provides students with the opportunity to earn a BA or BSc degree through the completion of two minors. Students pursuing a double-minor option must successfully complete CAPS 499 - Degree Portfolio (3.0) and an Experiential course (3.0) of their choice.
  • Coursework that contributes to the fulfillment of a student’s minor requirements may also contribute to the fulfillment of other program of study requirements – which may include degree framework and university-wide baccalaureate degree requirements.
  • A student may enrol in a minor if they are actively pursuing a baccalaureate degree at CapU. A minor baccalaureate specialization cannot be awarded for a previously completed baccalaureate degree.
  • Enrolment in a minor must be declared prior to or upon the submission of a graduation application.
  • Successful completion of a minor and the awarding of a minor baccalaureate specialization will be recorded on a student’s CapU official transcript.