The Senate Academic Planning and Program Review Committee (SAPRC) is a standing committee of Senate and makes recommendations to Senate.


  • To review and make recommendations on program and course review.  
  • To review performance measure data and recommend needed actions.
  • To review and make recommendations on matters of academic planning.

2023 - 2024 membership

(Voting) Members
Chair of Senate Paul Dangerfield
Vice-Chair of Senate Sue Dritmanis
VP Academic & Provost Laureen Styles
Dean Brad Martin
Faculty Stephen Williams
Faculty  Jennifer Nesselroad
Faculty Bhuvinder Vaid
Faculty Christine Sjolander
Faculty  John Brouwer
Faculty Brian Ganter
Faculty Lauren Moffatt
Staff Carley Dyer
Staff Vacant
Student Amisha Maini
Student Vacant
(Non-Voting) Resource Members
Administrator Francisco Silva
Administrator Aurelea Mahood
Administrator Richard Foo
*one additional faculty member will be added if the Vice-Chair of Senate is not a faculty member

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