Learn more about U-Pass BC exemptions and find out if you qualify for one.


To be eligible for a U-Pass BC, a student must meet the following conditions during each month of the U-Pass BC term:

  • a full-time or part-time student registered in a course lasting at least 3 consecutive weeks
  • with a course load totalling 3 or more credits
  • a fee-paying Capilano Students' Union member

Online and non-credit Continuing Studies students are not eligible for the U-Pass BC. 


Exemption Requests are valid for a single term. An Exemption Request form must be filled in for each term as they cannot be carried over. Do not submit an Exemption Request until you are registered in a course(s).

If the current month has already been activated, you can continue to use it but any requests made for the following month will be cancelled.

The U-Pass BC fee is a mandatory fee that applies to all students who pay Capilano Students' Union fees.

Exemptions will only be given to a student who:

a. upon written request to the University and in accordance with the procedures established by the University qualifies for an exemption based on the following exemption criteria:

  • has a disability that prevents the use of conventional transit or HandyDART; or
  • holds a valid Transit Pass1 (copy of valid pass must be supplied) for the duration of the term; or
  • holds a valid U-Pass issued from another post-secondary educational institution (name and student number must be on the back of the existing pass); or


b. if no U-Pass BC benefit has been issued the exemption will be applied as of the month requested

c. if a U-Pass BC benefit has been issued, the exemption will apply to the month following the exemption request

Note: exemption forms must be received by the Student Financial Accounts Office before the 16th of the first month of the term to be eligible.

Students who meet any of the exemption requirements listed must fill out a CapU U-Pass BC Exemption Request Form (pdf) and submit it to the Student Financial Accounts Office or mail in their exemption form to the following address:

Student Financial Accounts
Capilano University
2055 Purcell Way
North Vancouver, BC  V7J 3H5

1Transit Pass: means a non-transferable pass issued by or on behalf of TransLink to designated individuals, or other identification as identified in the Tariff, which constitutes proof of payment for transportation on TransLink's regularly scheduled service within Metro Vancouver, but does not include a U-Pass or monthly FareCard.


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