Established in 1966, Aichi Gakusen College is a private university in Japan with campuses in Okazaki and Toyota.

Its original goal of providing women with quality education and career training remains to this date. Aichi Gakusen College is ranked among the earliest twenty of such women's schools in Japan.

Aichi Gakusen College Exchange and Scholarships

Exchange location: Japan (Okazaki, Aichi campus)
Exchange dates:
early April to late July (one semester)
Awards: three $2,500 CAD scholarships
Application deadline for 2021 exchange: December 7, 2020

The three Aichi Gakusen Scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to students who demonstrate a combination of strong academic achievement and interest in experiential learning overseas.

If you are curious and keenly interested in expanding your knowledge of the Japanese culture and language, this program may be just right for you!

The scholarship competition is open to all CapU students across all disciplines interested in studying abroad in Japan.

The minimum eligibility criteria are met if you:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of 3.0;
  • Are enrolled as a full-time student (9.0 credits) at CapU;
  • Plan return to CapU for at least one major term as full-time students; and
  • Submit completed application for the Aichi Gakusen Exchange Program by the deadline

Prior to your departure, you will be required to:

  • Complete a first year course (100-level) in the Japanese language at CapU;
  • Take some cross-cultural training, including reading and reviewing two books and writing three short papers on Japan;
  • Register for 3 CapU courses (9.0 credits), including 3.0 credits of Japanese language and 6.0 credits in social sciences; and
  • Act as a study abroad ambassador for up to three incoming exchange students from Aichi Gakusen College.

Once abroad, you will be required to:

  • Complete and submit two travelogues and a small collection of original photographs;
  • Act as a Study Abroad Ambassador for CapU and Canada. This may include providing information to students about CapU or representing Canada and CapU at study abroad events; and
  • Assist in teaching English as a second language to students at Aichi Gakusen College.

Upon your return, you will be required to:

  • Enroll as a full time student (9.0 credits) during the Fall term; and
  • Complete a minimum of 8.0 hours of volunteer work as a Study Abroad Ambassador to help promote CapU’s study abroad programs.