The Bosa Centre for Film & Animation is available for rentals of its theatre, studio space and trans light backdrops for the film industry.

Outdoor shot of the Bosa Centre.

Located on the main CapU campus in North Vancouver, the Bosa Centre is a sought-after filming location. Our four studios house a one-bedroom apartment set; full bar set; a 100-foot green screen, black screen, and white screen.

We offer professional production rooms including wardrobe, make up and green rooms, as well as post-production facilities with Automated Dialogue Replacement (ADR), Foley and Sound Design.

Bosa school activities are prioritized from September to April. The Bosa Theatre may be available for limited bookings between these dates. Classrooms and all other areas are not rented to the public during these dates. The studios are not rented to the public between September to May.

Rental information

  • All theatre rentals are based on a two-hour minimum.
  • Trans light backdrop rentals are based on a weekly rate.
  • All renters must provide proof of insurance. For the Bosa Theatre, event insurance that includes liability coverage. Insurance for the trans light backdrops must include loss and damage coverage, for Studio Rental, Comprehensive general liability insurance must have a limit of not less than five million dollars ($5,000,000.00).

Rental rates

Bosa Theatre

Area Rate
During school hours: 8 - 6, Monday - Friday
Excluding stat holidays
Commercial $300/hr
3D Projector Additional $100/hr
Classrooms (BC117 or BC309) $400/day
Meeting Room (BC205) $400/day
Other spaces (hallways, lobby, production room, café, etc.) $400/day

Studios A, B, C and Backlot

Client Rate
Internal & Non-profit $500/day
Commercial $1,000/day

Film Technician rates

Hours Rate
Regular Weekday school hours $40/hr
Overtime - includes over 7 hours, stat holidays or weekends $75/hr

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