Spring 2021 Important Notice

The Spring 2021 term begins Monday, Jan. 11 and ends Thursday, April 29. myCapU Schedule will continue to reflect the original start and end dates of Jan. 4 – April 22. Non-standard date courses beginning after Jan. 11 will have the same start date as displayed.

In accordance with health and safety orders and guidelines to support B.C.'s ongoing response to COVID-19, the Spring 2021 term will continue in an adapted mode of delivery.

Each course indicates its mode of delivery in MyCap Schedule, so you'll see if a course is offered remotely, in-person, dual delivery (a combination of online and in-person) or off-campus (practicums or community-based delivery).

More information: Spring 2021 Adapted Delivery Methods (pdf).


Login and you will be able to view, create, save and register.


By choosing guest you will be able to view and create but will NOT be able to save or register. We encourage all students to LOGIN.

myCap Schedule Tutorials & FAQs

myCap Schedule is an interactive tool that allows you to plug in your desired courses and see what courses will fit with your schedule. You can see all of your options at a glance and customize your schedule in just a few clicks. 

With myCap Schedule, you can plan your term and register quickly and easily. 

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