Working with students lets you tap into the next generation of talent.

Student working at Sewell's Marina
A CapU student on their practicum placement at Sewell's Marina in Horseshoe Bay.

Working with students

Our students are digital natives, trend-savvy and learning the latest in their industry. Choosing to work with a student gives you the opportunity to find your next superstar employee before they start looking elsewhere.

Working with students is also a great way to give back to the community. By supporting students, you enhance your image and reputation and generate goodwill for your organization.

Why choose CapU students?

Students are better prepared for work at CapU.

Our students gain hands-on experience during work practicums, applied research projects and other work-integrated learning opportunities.

Our classes are small, meaning students are more engaged, and receive more mentorship and support than students from larger post-secondary institutions.

Students are taught by experts in their field.

CapU instructors are industry professionals who tie learning outcomes to work.

Our students have been challenged by their instructors to develop the research, leadership, communication, teamwork and practical skills required to be successful in their industry.

Students are driven and determined innovators.

CapU students think outside the box to find solutions and stand out in the workplace.

Students are diverse.

CapU students come from diverse backgrounds and cultures; working with them diversifies your company.

We also have a wide range of programs, courses and specializations. When you need a student for your project, you'll find them at CapU.

Students support their local community.

CapU's commitment to partnering with local communities to solve problems is built into the curriculum. Our mandate is to serve the North Shore, the Sea-to-Sky corridor and the Sunshine Coast, home of five First Nations' traditional and unceded territories.

As part of Envisioning 2030, we create opportunities for our students to make an impact locally. They get to develop their skills in practice, and local businesses receive student support to solve problems.

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