1. Walk to a multi-function device and scan your employee card. Once you are logged in, click GS-NX.

    MFD - Choose PaperCut or GS-NX

  2. Click Fax via RightFax.

    MFD - GS-NX menu

  3. If you are asked, enter your Capilano University username in the User Name field and click Login.

    MFD - Fax login screen

  4. You should see the "Send to RightFax" screen. Click Manual Entry and enter 9 followed by the fax number (e.g. 96049844952).

    MFD - RightFax screen

  5. On the "Send to RightFax screen", select from the available options the ones you would like (e.g. choosing a cover sheet in the field Cover Sheet File).

  6. Place your documents in the multi-function device and press the physical Start button.

    MFD - Start button

  7. Once your documents have been faxed, the screen will show a message "Scanning has completed.". A few minutes later, you will receive an email confirmation.

    MFD - Fax sent


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