At Capilano University (CapU), we are motivated to create a long-term culture of accountability to take real action to support Equity, Diversity & inclusion (EDI) for everyone, our students, employees and community partners.

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Guided by Envisioning 2030, we are inspired by imagination and engaging with the communities we serve. CapU is striving to create a distinct and meaningful university experience and supporting the continued growth of a healthier and happier campus community.

Learn more about CapU's Envisioning 2030 goals and priorities we are striving to achieve by downloading the Envisioning 2030 Full Report (pdf).

Check out our commitment to fostering an inclusive environment for all our community members by downloading the policy Human Rights, Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (pdf).

“We all have a responsibility when it comes to EDI. Join us in a listen-first approach to EDI so we can understand and act with care for each other. Listening first helps us avoid performative allyship and creates space for meaningful conversations. Let’s work together to build impactful, sustainable change and continue on our journey to a community that is equitable for all.”
– Kartik Bharadwa, VP, People, Culture & Diversity

What we're doing

CapU is striving to build a culture that instills EDI to better support the students, employees and community partners that make up our University community. To do this in a way that takes us to our E2030 goals, we first need to understand where we are today.

We are proactively engaging an external partner to support us with an EDI audit to better understand the diversity within our CapU community, seek feedback on our strengths and areas of improvement to better support our students, employees and community partners in meaningful ways.

This is the next step along our EDI journey to come together and continue towards a more equitable and inclusive environment for our diverse CapU community.

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