Did you make a mistake when enrolling? Did you get a new device? Headed out of the country? You can update your self-service password verification methods yourself, without needing to contact the Service Desk.

You can update or change the information you enrolled with on the Microsoft My Account page. You must know your password to change the information here. If you cannot sign in, please contact the IT Service Desk.

  1. Browse to the Microsoft My Account page and sign in with your CapU account. Once signed in, click "Security info" in the left-hand pane.
    Screenshot showing Microsoft My Sign-Ins security info tab
  2. To add a new method to confirm your identity such as phone or personal email, click "+ Add method".

    To change or delete an existing security method that confirms your identity during the password reset process, click "Change" or "Delete" next to the option you wish to modify.
    Screenshot showing add method and options to change existing verification methods


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