When you use the community computers in the Library, please make note of the username and password for the computer you are using. You will be using the same account to log in when paying and picking up your printout.

Please note that credit on the account is non-refundable and the Print Pay Stations do not provide change.

Printer type Cost per page Duplex
Black & white $0.08/page 10% discount
Colour $0.50/colour page; $0.42/grayscale page 10% discount
  1. Walk over to one of the Print Pay Stations in the Library.
  2. Log in to the Print Pay Station by tapping LOGIN WITHOUT CARD and then typing the username in the Username field and the password in the Password field (the same username and password you used to log in to the community computer). 

    Print Pay Station login

  3. Select the payment method by tapping on CASH or CREDIT CARD.
    Please note that CREDIT CARD covers credit cards, Interac Flash and Apple Pay.
    Tapping CHECK BALANCE allows you to check the balance on the account.

    Print Pay Station select payment method

  4. For cash purchases:
    Insert cash into the cash or coin receptacle.
    Please note that the machine does not provide change; the entire sum will be added to the account.

    Print Pay Station cash or coin receptacle

  5. Select EXIT, PRINT RECEIPT or EXIT, NO RECEIPT to complete the transaction. 

    Print Pay Station cash

  6. For credit card purchases, select the amount to be charged on the touch screen and follow the prompts.


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