1. Open the document or website you would like to print and select Print from the file menu.
  2. From the printer drop-down list click on the printer you wish to print to.
    • In the library:
      • to print black & white documents, choose Black & White Printer on papyrus
      • to print colour documents, choose Color Printer on papyrus
    • In a classroom or computer lab:
      • Choose the nearest printer and make a note of the printer location

Print PC choose printer Print PC lab choose printer

  1. Ensure that the settings are correct and click Print

    Print PC print menu

  2. In the Print Job Notification window, ensure that you have selected Charge to my personal account and click Print

    Print PC charge

  3. A message will appear letting you know that the document is being held in a queue. 

    Print PC queue

  4. Walk over to the printer to pick up your printout.    


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