At Capilano University, we are committed to keeping our sensitive information secure on behalf of students, staff, and faculty. Keeping our network secure is not just about adopting new technology. The most important cybersecurity tool we have at Capilano University is you.

As a community, educating ourselves and participating in cybersecurity awareness campaigns can significantly reduce threats to our network and potential loss of service on campus.

When it comes to cybersecurity, YOU are the first line of defence.


Cybersecurity helps to prevent the unauthorized access and use of private information that is stored within our organization. It protects our computer systems from theft or damage to hardware & software, while also reducing disruptions to the services they provide.

Cybersecurity practices may be as simple as creating strong passwords on our devices, or as complicated as resolving serious incidents like identity theft or ransomware attacks.

The cybersecurity team at CapU is here to support you with security-related concerns and works diligently to resolve known threats to our network as they arise.


As cybercrime becomes more sophisticated, the way we work and respond to situations at work and home must also adapt to these growing trends.

We must familiarize ourselves with the most common forms of cybercrime so we can stay on the defence and avoid becoming a victim of an attack.

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