You will be asked to register at least one method for security verification when you first set up your verification method. However, you can add multiple ways in case your preferred option is not unavailable.

How to opt-in to self-service password reset.

When you set up your password or need to change it, you will be asked to verify your identity to change it.  You confirm your identity by "acknowledging" it by receiving an email, text message, push notification or phone call.

IT Services recommends that you register in advance to set up your personal information for the new self-service password reset. Early registration allows you to walk through the process at a convenient time.

Please make sure that your mobile phone or personal email is available for the registration process.

How do I use self-service password reset?

After you have completed registration, each time you want to reset your password, you will be asked to confirm your identity using your recovery information. You confirm your identity by providing proof through a second factor such as your personal email or phone number.  

You can change your security recovery information at any time. 

Why switch to self-service password reset?

If you forget your CapU password or have been locked out of your account, you can use your registered security information and your mobile phone or personal email to reset it.  

Microsoft self-service password reset is easier, faster, and safer. It works smoothly when you are on campus and off-campus. SSPR enables users to securely reset their university account password without contacting the Service Desk for support.

It also provides a much-needed solution since, in January, Banner will no longer offer the current password reset feature.


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