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Server: outlook.office365.com

Port: 993

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Authenication: OAuth2

Server: outlook.office365.com

Port: 995

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Authenication: OAuth2

Server: smtp.office365.com

Port: 587

Encryption: SSL/TLS

Authenication: OAuth2

Login Issues

If this is your first time logging in to your student email, please follow the Accessing Your Email instructions first. For other login issues, visit the Accounts, Logins & Passwords - Self-Help page.

I am not receiving email from my instructor even though my classmates are

  1. Ensure that the email is not in your Spam or Junk folders.
  2. Ensure that you can receive email by sending an email from your personal email to your Capilano University student email address.
  3. If you did not receive the email, contact IT Services.
  4. If you did receive the email, check with the Registrar's Office that you are enrolled in the course.
  5. Inform the course instructor that you are not receiving emails. The professor will contact IT Services as needed to resolve the problem. 

I can't log in to my student email using Chrome

Symptom: When using Chrome, you type your email address and password, click Sign in and the page reloads asking for your email address and password again.

  1. Click the Chrome menu icon and hover over More tools. 

    Chrome Clear Browsing Data menu

  2. Click Clear browsing data.

  3. Modify the options presented:

    • Choose the beginning of time from the drop-down list
    • Choose Cookies and other site and plug-in data and Cached images and files
    • Click Clear browsing data 

      Chrome Clear Browsing Data screen

  4. Restart Chrome.

  5. Go to Student Email and try to log in again.

I would like to copy my student email

  1. Add your Capilano University student email to an email application:

  2. Add your personal account to the same email application.

  3. Copy your email folders and contacts between the student email and the personal email. 


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