How to prepare for your first conference call

Before you can host a conference call, you must choose a host PIN and an attendee access code by following the instructions below. The host PIN is used during a conference call by the host and is different than your voicemail PIN, while the attendee access code is used during a conference call by the attendees.

  1. Go to the Cisco Self-Care Portal.

  2. Enter your username (in the form of firstnamelastname e.g. johnsmith5) in the Username field and your password in the Password field. 

    Cisco Self Care Portal login screen

  3. Click Sign In.

  4. In the top menu, click General Settings

    Cisco Portal General Settings

  5. In order to choose a host PIN, scroll down to the "Phone Services PIN" section and enter a new PIN in both the New Phone PIN and the Confirm New Phone PIN fields. 

    Cisco Portal General Settings

  6. Click Save

    Cisco Portal Phone Services PIN blank

  7. In the "Conference Now" section, enter a new access code in the Attendees Access Code field. 

    Cisco Portal Conference Now default

  8. Click inside the Meeting Number field (where your extension number is listed).

  9. Click Save

    Cisco Portal Conference Now filled Save

How to host a conference call

You can have one host and up to 7 attendees during a conference call.

  1. Ensure that you have followed the first-time instructions to prepare for the conference call.
  2. Provide the following information to your attendees:
    • Meeting date and time: Attendees can start joining before the host, but the conference call is dropped if the host does not join within 15 minutes.
    • a phone number to call: 7822 on campus, 604.990.7822 off-campus
    • meeting number: Your extension
    • attendee access code: The attendee access code you have chosen
  3. At the time of the meeting, join the conference call:
    1. Dial 7822 on campus or 604.990.7822 off-campus.
    2. When prompted, enter the meeting number (your extension) followed by # (pound).
    3. When prompted, enter your host PIN followed by # (pound).
      Note: The host PIN and the voicemail PIN are two different PINs.
    4. You will join the conference call as soon as you enter the PIN.
    5. You will hear a tone when attendees join.

How to join a conference call as an attendee

  1. At the time of the meeting, dial 7822 on campus or 604.990.7822 off-campus.
  2. When prompted, enter the meeting number provided by your host.
  3. When prompted for a PIN, press # (pound).
  4. When prompted, enter the attendee access code provided by the host.
  5. If the host has not joined yet, you will hear hold music.


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