You can use your login account on any computer on campus, for access to class resources like eLearn and Microsoft Teams, for print services, access your student email as well as check registration status and course scheduling. 

Password standards

Passwords used to gain access to the University systems and applications must be unique; and must not be used for non-University services, including but not limited to personal banking, online shopping sites, and social media sites.

Note: Your CapU password must be at least 14 characters long. 

Account passwords must not contain:

  1. the user’s given name, surname, or preferred name;
  2. the user’s Capilano University username;
  3. student number or employee number;
  4. previously used password; and
  5. a known compromised or commonly used weak password.

Passwords must be changed at a minimum every calendar year (365 days).

Your account details

Username: firstnamelastname 
Email address: firstnamelastname@my.capilanou.ca

Help with your password or account

  1. Go to Microsoft's Get back into your account page to set your account password.
  2. Type in your CapU email address as the Email or Username. Your CapU email address can be found in your CapU welcome email.
  3. Enter the characters in the picture, then click Next.
    Screenshot showing Username and captcha character confirmation field
  4. You will need to verify who you are either by phone or email.

    We use the contact information you provided on your application. Select either your mobile phone or alternate email as per your verification method.

    For example:

    Option 1 (Mobile Phone) sends a verification code to the mobile phone number that you provided in your application.
    Screenshot showing phone number field when
    Click Text. Enter the verification code you received by text. Click Next.

    Option 2 (Email) sends a verification code to the personal email that you provided in your application.
    Screenshot showing email option and confirmation of email entered during setup.
    Click Email. Enter the code from the email that was just sent. Click Next.
    Screenshot showing code field for emailed code.
  5. Enter a new password and re-enter it in the "Confirm new password" field.

    Your CapU password should be at least 14 characters long, please see other password standards at the top of this page.

    Click Finish.

    You will see a notice that your password has been reset.

  6. You will receive a confirmation once your password has been reset both to your CapU email and your non-CapU email.
    Screenshot on the email confirming your password has been reset.

Congratulations, you have successfully enabled your account.

I have set up my security recovery information.

If you have previously set up a security recovery email or phone number, you can follow the instructions on the Resetting Your Password page to update your account.

I have not set up my security recovery information.

If you have not set up your recovery email or phone, please request assistance from IT Services using the Get help logging in form.


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