What is SSPR

Using self-service password reset (SSPR) allows you to easily unlock and change a password anytime and anywhere.

If the password was forgotten or has been changed due to a suspected compromise, the CapU community can reset their own password and get access restored. By providing an alternate email or phone number, individuals can use the password reset services and better protect their information.

Why are we being asked to provide a second email and phone number?

We want to keep your information safe.

The largest threat is password compromise, usually by the hacking of third-party services, phishing, or weak passwords. We cannot rely on passwords alone to protect us and providing your email or phone number adds a secondary level of security to confirm your identity.

Is this necessary, are other Universities doing this?

All Canadian universities are facing this same challenge and are already using SSPR technology to secure their systems. The recent report on security at higher education shows this is becoming almost universally adopted.

Outside higher education, the banking system and financial institutions have completely adopted this to protect their customer’s savings and investments. Health systems are also starting to adopt this at the same pace as higher education for patient privacy

How are you protecting my information?

We understand privacy concerns, and both SSPR is designed to enhance privacy and security.

Most of the CapU community will have already used these techniques when interacting with banking, financial transactions, or other personal services. As with other institutions, you will enter the information and method used to validate your identity.

This information, whether email or phone number, remains protected and secure. It is used to confirm the individual’s identity, either before resetting the password or as an additional trust mechanism when required.

In addition, you can change the phone number or email anytime using CapU’s Azure account portal.

What options do I have to register?

SSPR requires an additional way to verify your identity. The recommended options are a secondary email or mobile phone number. 

You may need to reconfirm your information.

Periodically, and to ensure you still have the appropriate methods registered, your administrators will require you to confirm your authentication methods.

I have other questions…

Finally, If you require assistance logging into your account or using SSPR, reach out to AskIT by using the Get help logging in form.

We are proceeding with this rollout knowing there will be questions, and we will endeavour to answer each one.  In doing so we will be transparent about why this is necessary, and how this will improve privacy for our community. 

If you have any other issues or questions, visit the Ask IT Service Centre and open a ticket.


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