You can apply for funding to take on a CapU student.

If you're looking to work with a student, there may be funding available to help you pay for their time. This funding comes from federal or provincial grants.

Plan ahead with funding as some applications need to be received a few months before starting to work with a student. For some grants, you will need to be able to name the student you will work with before you apply for funding.

Funding options 

Mitacs is a non-profit national research association that partners with academia and industry to solve problems that impact Canadians. Two funding options from Mitacs include:

Mitacs Accelerate

This option is for a research project.

You will need to develop a project with our team at CapU. You will apply to Mitacs and be willing to contribute $7,500 towards the project.

If approved, Mitacs will contribute an additional $7,500, enabling you to take on a student for a four-month internship, with a minimum salary offering of $10,000.

Who is eligible? For-profit corporations and eligible not-for-profit corporations, municipalities, and hospitals in Canada. Capilano University students (citizens, permanent residents and international students) and some recent graduates.

Apply at least 8 weeks before the start of the internship.

Visit the Mitacs Accelerate site to find out more about this funding option.

Business Strategy Internship

This option enables you to hire a student to solve a business problem.

You will need to apply to Mitacs with your problem; something that will lead to change for you, or society as a whole. You will need to contribute between $5,000 and $7,500, and if you’re successful, Mitacs will match your investment.

You could be looking to improve or find efficiencies in products, processes or service delivery. You may want to design new business models or challenge conventional ideas or practices.

Who is eligible? Businesses, not-for-profit organizations and municipalities. CapU students from all disciplines.

Apply at least four weeks before the start of the internship.

Find out more on the Mitacs Business Strategy Internship site.

More funding options

Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning BC/Yukon

See a full list of available funding options for hiring students in BC on the ACE WIL website.

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Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Canada

See an additional list of available funding options for hiring students through the Student Work Placement program promoted on CEWIL Canada.

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