If travelling outside of Canada, please connect with capVPN first before following the instructions below.

  1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Apple App Store and run the software once it has finished installing. 

  2. Click New on the top-left corner of the Microsoft Remote Desktop window. 

  3. Fill out the fields required as follows:

    Connection name: Terminal Services
    PC name: ts.capilanou.ca
    Gateway:  No gateway configured
    Username: cds\firstnamelastname where firstnamelastname is your Capilano University username
    Password: Your Capilano University password 

  4. Optionally change the settings:

    Resolution: 1024x768 (or any resolution that fits your monitor size)
    Start session in full screen: Unchecked
    Scale content:  Checked
    Use all monitors: Unchecked

  5. Close the screen by clicking the red X on the top-left corner. You should see Terminal Services under My Desktops. 

  6. Click Start to connect to Terminal Services.

  7. You may see a prompt asking you to verify the certificate.  Click Continue to connect to Terminal Services. 

  8. To exit Terminal Services, open the Start Menu and click Log off