Program Highlights

Learn about the tourism industry and gain key management skills to use in your new career with the Diploma in Tourism Management International program at Capilano University.

Join your instructors on field trips, gain knowledge from guest speakers and take part in a 280-hour practicum placement as part of your concentrated tourism training.

We don't just sit in a classroom here! Participate in hands-on activities and make lifelong friends with classmates who are coming to study in North Vancouver from around the world.

The Diploma in Tourism Management International program is specifically for international students who speak English as a Second Language.

Program name change for Fall 2020

This program was formerly titled "Tourism Management for International Students Diploma." The program title change is effective for the Fall 2020 intake.

Students admitted into the Fall 2020 intake onwards will graduate under the new program name of Diploma in Tourism Management International.


CampusTermsFull/Part Time
North VancouverSpringFull-Time
North VancouverFallFull-Time

Required Courses

Total credits: 51.00

Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
BADM 102Quantitative Methods3.00 credits
BADM 210Business Statistics3.00 credits
MATH 123Contemporary Mathematics3.00 credits
STAT 101Introduction to Statistics3.00 credits
Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
CMNS 164Advanced Communication and Interactions for Tourism Management International Students3.00 credits
CMNS 185Presentation Skills for Public Speaking3.00 credits
Choose 3.00 credits from the following list:
TOUR 190Destination Canada3.00 credits
TOUR 191Tourism Destinations3.00 credits



Total credits: 9.00

Choose 9.00 credits from the following list:

Courses at the 100- or 200-level from the prefixes below:

TOUR 104Marine Tourism and Interpretation3.00 credits
TOUR 111Tourism & Hospitality Management: A Global Network3.00 credits
TOUR 112Tourism Marketing I3.00 credits
TOUR 113Human Resource Management in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 114Organizational Behaviour in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 116Financial Planning in Tourism I3.00 credits
TOUR 120Adventure and Eco-Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 131Tourism Product Development3.00 credits
TOUR 133Tourism Career Management3.00 credits
TOUR 134Promotions Management for Tourism and Hospitality3.00 credits
TOUR 135Hospitality Operations3.00 credits
TOUR 137Hospitality Operations & Food & Beverage Management in Destination Resort Environments3.00 credits
TOUR 140Tourism Co-op Work Experience6.00 credits
TOUR 142Building Cultural Connections Through Gastronomy Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 145Career Preparation: Tourism & Hospitality Management3.00 credits
TOUR 149Computer Applications in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 150Work Experience: Tourism & Hospitality Management6.00 credits
TOUR 151Service Management in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 152Event Administration3.00 credits
TOUR 154Marketing and Public Relations for Events3.00 credits
TOUR 157Event Production and Logistics3.00 credits
TOUR 159Geography of Destination Resort Environments3.00 credits
TOUR 160Introduction to Resort Management3.00 credits
TOUR 162Food and Beverage Management3.00 credits
TOUR 165Resort Management Co-op6.00 credits
TOUR 170Mountain Bike Park/Trail Design and Building I4.50 credits
TOUR 172Mountain Bike Park/Trail Design and Building II4.50 credits
TOUR 190Destination Canada3.00 credits
TOUR 191Tourism Destinations3.00 credits
TOUR 200Revenue Management for Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 201Tourism and Technology3.00 credits
TOUR 202Strategic Marketing Management - Case Study Approach3.00 credits
TOUR 205Tourism Sales3.00 credits
TOUR 206Directed Study in Tourism I3.00 credits
TOUR 208Risk Management for Tourism and Outdoor Recreation3.00 credits
TOUR 210Strategic Management: Resort Case Study3.00 credits
TOUR 212Sales and Promotions Management for Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 216Financial Planning in Tourism II3.00 credits
TOUR 220Special Events - Tourism Generators3.00 credits
TOUR 221Conference Services3.00 credits
TOUR 225Entrepreneurship: Small and Medium Tourism Enterprises3.00 credits
TOUR 227Heritage, Cultural and Arts Planning for Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 232Tourism Planning3.00 credits
TOUR 233Cross Cultural Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 234Responsible Tourism Management3.00 credits
TOUR 249Advanced Computer Applications in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 250Operations Management in Tourism & Hospitality3.00 credits
TOUR 251Hotel Operations I: Food and Beverage3.00 credits
TOUR 252Hotel Operations I: Rooms Division3.00 credits
TOUR 253Adventure Tourism Operations3.00 credits
TOUR 255Management Concepts in the Adventure Industry3.00 credits
TOUR 256Adventure Education and Recreation Programming3.00 credits
TOUR 259Technology & Innovation in Tourism and Hospitality3.00 credits
TOUR 261Resort Financial Management3.00 credits
TOUR 270Special Topics in Tourism Management I3.00 credits
TOUR 301Business Law in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 306Directed Study in Tourism II3.00 credits
TOUR 307Tourism and Climate Change3.00 credits
TOUR 312Tourism Marketing II3.00 credits
TOUR 316Financial Management for Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 321Organizational Leadership in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 325Tourism Managerial Accounting3.00 credits
TOUR 326Advanced Topics in Cross-Cultural Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 327Research Methods and Applications in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 328International Destination Marketing3.00 credits
TOUR 331Regional Topics in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 335Strategic Management in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 341Advanced Tourism Product Development3.00 credits
TOUR 342Environmental Stewardship: Advanced Principles and Applications3.00 credits
TOUR 343Cultural Tourism Management3.00 credits
TOUR 344International Ecotourism3.00 credits
TOUR 350Quantitative Methods for Tourism Management3.00 credits
TOUR 351Tourism Consumer Behaviour3.00 credits
TOUR 356Adventure Sport Event Management3.00 credits
TOUR 360Contemporary Topics Shaping Tourism – A Global Perspective3.00 credits
TOUR 370Special Topics in Tourism Management II3.00 credits
TOUR 371Applied Service Management in North America3.00 credits
TOUR 372Tourism and Hospitality Practicum6.00 credits
TOUR 373Convention Management and Service3.00 credits
TOUR 374Hospitality Operations: International Context3.00 credits
TOUR 400Revenue Management and Advanced Sales in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 404Travel Distribution Management3.00 credits
TOUR 406Directed Study in Tourism III3.00 credits
TOUR 416Applied Hotel Financial Management3.00 credits
TOUR 422People Management - Human Relations in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 423Tourism Planning and Policy3.00 credits
TOUR 424Entrepreneurship in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 435Applied Project Management in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 440Applied Research in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 450Tourism Operations II3.00 credits
TOUR 451Hotel Operations II3.00 credits
TOUR 455Adventure Tourism Community-based Economic Development3.00 credits
TOUR 456Land Use and Tourism Operations3.00 credits
TOUR 457Risk Management and Law in Adventure Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 470Applied Digital Marketing Strategies in Tourism3.00 credits
TOUR 471Human Capital Development in Tourism Management3.00 credits
WLP 124Winter Skills2.00 credits
WLP 125Ski Touring2.00 credits
WLP 126Backpacking2.00 credits
WLP 127Mountaineering2.00 credits
WLP 128Rock Climbing I2.00 credits
WLP 129Rock Climbing II2.00 credits
WLP 130Rock Rescue Clinic1.00 credits
WLP 131Nordic Skiing I2.00 credits
WLP 132Nordic Skiing II2.00 credits
WLP 133Canoeing I2.00 credits
WLP 134Canoeing II2.00 credits
WLP 135Rafting I2.00 credits
WLP 136Rafting II2.00 credits
WLP 137Sea Kayaking I2.00 credits
WLP 138Sea Kayaking II2.00 credits
WLP 139River Kayaking Clinic1.00 credits
WLP 140River Rescue Clinic1.00 credits
WLP 145Mountain Biking2.00 credits
WLP 147River Kayak I2.00 credits
WLP 148Snow Boarding2.00 credits
WLP 149Overnight Field Leader2.00 credits
WLP 151Interpreting the Wilderness Environment3.00 credits
WLP 152Wilderness Leadership Work Practicum2.00 credits
WLP 153Guiding Leadership3.00 credits
WLP 164Winter Leadership2.00 credits
WLP 166Introduction to Alpine Travel2.00 credits
WLP 183Selected Clinics in Outdoor Recreation1.00 credits
WLP 184Select Skills Course in Outdoor Recreation I2.00 credits
WLP 185Select Skills Course in Outdoor Recreation II2.00 credits


Total program credits: 60.00

Important Dates

Application Dates

Oct 1, 2019 - May 28, 2020

Course Registration & Waitlisting Starts

Jul 6, 2020

Fee Payment Deadline

Aug 24, 2020 4:00 PM

Application Dates

Feb 4, 2020 - Dec 1, 2020

Course Registration & Waitlisting Starts

Nov 16, 2020

Fee Payment Deadline

Dec 21, 2020 4:00 PM

Application Dates

Oct 6, 2020 - Aug 3, 2021

Course Registration & Waitlisting Starts

Jul 5, 2021

Fee Payment Deadline

Aug 24, 2021 4:00 PM

Note: Dates are subject to change.

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