Here's why you should join us in CapU Residence.

Students entering CapU Residence

10 reasons to live in residence

1. Make friends for life

You'll be living in a place where people understand that you're pushing yourself to be the best version of you. You'll have friends to study with, eat dinner with, celebrate your victories with and have a shoulder to lean on when things get tough. Who knows, maybe you'll even meet your bestie.

2. No cooking or cleaning

The residence dining hall is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No figuring out how to cook for one, eating the same leftovers for days or washing dishes. Don't like packing a lunch? The meal plan includes dining dollars that can be used on campus.

3. Surrounded by nature, yet close to the city

You'll be breathing fresh, clean mountain air. You can take a walk in the Maplewood bird conservation area down the street, hop on the bus to the beach at Cates Park, or head up the mountain for some hiking or skiing. Enjoy going out? There are cafés and pubs within walking distance, and downtown Vancouver is only 45 minutes away by bus.

4. Unlimited high-speed Wi-Fi

You deserve a break at the end of the day. Whether that's binging on the latest Netflix show or playing online games, with this Wi-Fi you'll be set. It can handle hundreds of users without breaking a sweat (or whatever it is that modems do).

5. Easy commute

If you've experienced the frustration of rush hour traffic, you'll appreciate the value of living near campus. Plus, CapU has so many great services and being this close makes them significantly more accessible. Looking to talk to a counsellor? Want a peer mentor to share all the ins and outs of campus with you? Interested in a club? It will be at your doorstep.

6. Free Laundry

Okay, you still have to do your own laundry, but let's look at the positives. There's no need to carry coins around. You won't have to put all of your clothes in the same load just to save a buck. And there's a laundry room on almost every floor.

7. Affordable housing

Living in one of the most beautiful cities in the world can be expensive. The good news is that residence fees will leave more money in your wallet to enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer. Starting at approximately $1,190 per month for shared accommodation, your residence fees include all your meals, plus a fully furnished room, Wi-Fi, and access to laundry, washrooms and common lounge spaces.

8. Study space

Your room comes with a desk, but let's say that you don't want to study where you sleep because being near beds has a tendency to lead to Netflix and Netflix tends to lead to naps. There's also the cafeteria (to snack and study), the mezzanine (if you think best in rolling chairs), the study room (for group projects), and a lounge on each floor with a Smart TV.

9. Feels like family

From live-in residence advisors to security and student housing services personnel, there will be a whole team of professionals to support you and make you feel at home. Plus, they'll bring campus resources and activities to you, whether it's hosting a scholarship workshop or a dodgeball tournament.

10. Meet people from all over the world

Around one-third of the students living in residence are international students, and diversity is celebrated. You'll get to meet so many people who have amazing experiences, unique backgrounds and interesting perspectives.

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