BA, PDP, Dip. Counselling, M.Ed., PhD



PhD, Early Childhood Education, University of Southern Queensland, 2008.

M.Ed., Early Childhood Education, University of Victoria, 1999.

Diploma, Counselling, University of British Columbia, 1994.

Professional Development Program (Teacher Education), University of British Columbia, 1983.

BA, Psychology, University of British Columbia, 1980.


Laurie Kocher (PhD, University of Southern Queensland, 2008) is an instructor and administrative coordinator in the Early Childhood Education program. Her main research areas include the pedagogical practices of Reggio Emilia and, in particular, the intersection of pedagogical documentation with hermeneutic phenomenology.

For many years, Kocher taught in the public school system in British Columbia before embarking on an academic life in the university sector.

Kocher is the founder and director of the Vancouver Reggio Association and past editor of the Journal of Childhood Studies.

My teaching career has been broad, ranging from working with very young children to adults. My work has been profoundly influenced by the pedagogical project of Reggio Emilia (Italy), and by the scholarship of the reconceptualizing movement.

My writing and research contribute to the Common World's Research Collective.

Making connections with educators from around the world has served to broaden my awareness of country, culture and context. I care deeply about social justice issues.

My research has focussed primarily on the pedagogical practices of the educational project of Reggio Emilia, and more particularly on documentation.

A recently undertaken project, Encounters with Materials in Early Childhood Education, was an SSHRC funded research project, exhibit and published book. Through an art-based collaborative inquiry process with my collaborators, we explored what it means to think with materials by considering how each material evokes particular intra-actions.

I am currently involved with two additional SSHRC funded projects: Transforming West Pedagogies in Early Childhood Education and Exploring Climate Change Pedagogies with Children.

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