CGD, BA (Hons)



Certified Graphic Designer.

BA (Honours), Information Design, De Montfort University, Leicester, UK.

"Every day is an opportunity to make something a little better."


Judy Snaydon (BA, De Montfort University) is a Certified Graphic Designer and has been an instructor in the IDEA School of Design at Capilano University since 2012.

Fueled by the ever-fascinating challenge of marrying creativity and strategic thinking, she has honed her design and advertising skills over decades in London, Paris and Vancouver. Her wide-ranging experience in branding and cross-platform advertising have given her a unique insight into the opportunities and challenges the industry faces.

Over eight years as creative director for the outdoor outfitter MEC, Snaydon explored e-commerce and retail marketing from the inside out. She is now enjoying passing on her understanding to future generations of creatives as a design educator.

As a teacher and a former GDC National and BC Chapter Membership Chair, Snaydon has a keen interest in the continued success and sustainability of the design industry and also the quality of life of those who work in it.