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Conv. Comp & Data Sci / Instr. Comp Sci
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MRM, Resource and Environmental Management, Simon Fraser University, 1999.

B.Sc., Computer Science, University of Victoria, 1991.

"Making the world a better place for its incredible diversity of inhabitants is at the heart of everything I do."


Joseph Fall (MRM, Simon Fraser University, 1999) tries to tread lightly on the earth with a small ecological footprint.

He is an activist and a devoted systems thinker who volunteers much of his time to building community and promoting environmental and social justice causes. Fall lives with his wife on a small, off-grid farm on the Salish Sea where they collect their own water, generate their own power and grow much of their own food.

Computational science defines the thread of Fall's career. Drawing on his background in computing science, spatial information processing, simulation modelling and quantitative analysis, he runs a small, independent consulting firm that provides systems analysis and open-source software solutions for the resource and environmental sector.

Fall's primary research interests lie in applying design patterns, simulation and computational thinking to improve teaching and learning.

Teaching is an honour, a privilege and among my greatest passions. Only learning is better.

I think my key strength as an instructor lies in an ability to empathize with my students. No doubt I can synthesise complex concepts, design pedagogic strategies, marshal digital technologies and create compelling visualizations to convey lessons effectively. But all that wizardry is pointless if I fail to inspire students' curiosity and motivate them with exiting and interesting problems.

By putting computational thinking at the core of my teachings, my students gain skills far more valuable than merely learning how to write some code or wrangle some data.

Fall, J. 2020 Django Assess: a generic, customizable assessment apphttps://github.com/powderflask/django-assess

Fall, J., and L. Lajeunesse 2019 A Graeco-Latin Square Poem Generatorhttps://github.com/powderflask/gls-poetry

Fall, J. 2019 Django Document Catalogue: a light-weight, stand-alone web-based document libraryhttps://github.com/powderflask/django_document_catalogue

Fall, J. 2018 U-Track-It: Web-tracking technologies exposedhttps://github.com/powderflask/utrackit

Fall, J. 2017 U-Hack-It: A hackable website deployed on hack.mehttps://github.com/powderflask/u-hack-it

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Convocation Medal for Academic Excellence, Dean of Graduate Studies, Simon Fraser University, 1999.

Post-Graduate Scholarship, NSRCC, 1991.

Energy Resources Scholarship, Norcan, 1989.