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BA, Economics, University of British Columbia, 2015.

"Our faculty in the School of Communication offer an enviable balance between communication theory and real world application. I am proud to be a part of this dynamic team."


Jane Ince (BA, University of British Columbia, 2015) joined the School of Communication in 2015, bringing many years of public and media relation experience with her.

In 2002, Ince created JI Media Connections. As a public and media relations consultant, Ince has developed a long list of media contacts both in the Vancouver marketplace and throughout the world. She communicates with writers, editors and publishers on a regular basis and has secured a succession of impressive media hits. Ince feels she achieves great results in her PR career because of her steady work ethic and her friendly communication style.

Ince returned to university in 2014/15 to complete her Bachelor of Arts (Economics) at the University of British Columbia. Her goal upon completion of this degree was to secure a teaching position in a post-secondary education institution.

I take a very practical approach when teaching communications. The focus of most assignments have a "real world" application.

I work to ensure students have a clear understanding of what would be expected of a communications professional in the business world, and more importantly, if the students would enjoy the rigors of a career in that field. When students complete my class, I hope they leave with confidence and a clear understanding of how they can use their university learnings in professional settings.