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MEd, Society, Culture and Policies in Education, University of British Columbia, 2015.

BEd, Curriculum Development and Educational Psychology, Simon Fraser University, 2012.

PDP, Elementary, Simon Fraser University, 2009.

BA, Sociology, Simon Fraser University, 2008.

"Facilitating experiences with hands-on learning and holistic teaching puts students first with their emotional, mental and spiritual needs while creating a safe learning environment."


Grace Hyueok Kim (M.Ed., University of British Columbia, 2015) is a faculty member in the School of Communication and previous summer Chair. Her interests lie in politics, business, marketing and social responsibility. Kim's position as an instructor allows her to deconstruct colonial power structures in a technocratic society while preparing students for life outside the classroom in a globalized world.

Kim is a social media marketing consultant with a focus on social responsibility as well as an appointed Commissioner for the South Korean government under the branch of the Institute of National Unification. Her work focuses on the cultural and socioeconomic factors to unifying the two peninsulas for peace and prosperity.

Kim's other interests lie in social justice and she uses her platform for policies which encourage diversity, equality and equity. In addition, Kim's engagement with educational psychology and curriculum design for future generations in institutions inspires her to reach out and create projects with community members.

Teaching is a passionate vocation and I enjoy giving back to the community in a meaningful manner since I have been helped along the way. I see teaching as a privilege, so I'm mindful of using my position to grant the same opportunities I was given. Communication is vital for inter and intrapersonal use and I usually teach: advanced business writing, communication for the international learner, advertising and ideology.

I enjoy creating new programs and think how the application of skills can be of service to the students in the industry and help foster networks for student success. Being a person of colour allows me to share my experiences and include other narratives and ways of knowing through my lens with kindness and understanding.