Instructor, Linguistics
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
School of Humanities

604.986.1911 ext. 7312
Fir Building, room FR 404


PhD, Linguistics, Simon Fraser University, 1993.

MA, Linguistics, Simon Fraser University, 1985.

BA, Linguistics, Simon Fraser University, 1980.


Dwight Gardiner (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 1993) is a field linguist, specializing on Secwepemctsn (Shuswap Language). He has studied Salish languages for nearly 40 years. From 1989 to 1998, he taught at the Simon Fraser University campus in Kamloops, where he designed the Secwepemc language curriculum and was the project leader for the Kamloops Indian Band Traditional Use Study.

Gardiner has taught linguistics at Capilano University since 1998. In 2007, he was a visiting professor at Kushiro Public University of Economics in Hokkaido, Japan, where he did research on the Ainu language and culture. This explains his Ainu headman regalia. At CapU, he developed the Squamish Nation, Lil'wat Nation and Sechelt Nation Language and Culture Certificates. He also is an expert witness for the Sechelt Nation Right and Title and the Sechelt/Kamloops Days Scholars Class Action. In the off-season, Gardiner can be found looking for something, on some dusty road, between Kamloops and Mount Lolo.

As a Salishanist, I am concerned about all aspects of Salish grammar and advocate for language revitalization. Most of my courses have Salish content as well as units on language diversity, indigenous rights and reconciliation.

I also have an interest in etymology, both Indo-European and Salishan, and ethnobiology.

I am interested in languages, culture, cognitive systems, the survival of endangered languages, Salish linguistics (specialization in Shuswap, Thompson River Salish, Sechelt and Squamish), field linguistics, syntactic theory, comparative interior Salish, syntactic typology, Asian linguistics (Japanese, Ainu, Thai and Austronesian), ethnobiology and discourse in oral cultures.

Selected Publications

"Topic and Focus in Shuswap," in Studies in Salish Linguistics: Current Perspectives, ed. Ewa Czaykowska-Higgins and M. Dale Kinkade. Mouton, 1998.

"Determiner Phrases in Secwepemctsn (Shuswap)." Working Papers for the XXXI Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages. UBC, Vancouver, BC, 1996.

"Structural Asymmetries and Preverbal Positions in Shuswap." PhD Dissertation, SFU, Burnaby, BC, 1993.


Kim, Hyung-Soo and Dwight Gardiner. "The truncated reduplication in Tillamook and Shuswap: weakening by synergy of dissimilation and cluster simplification." Working Papers for the 51st Conference on Salish and Neighboring Languages. Powell River, BC, 2016.

Gardiner Dwight and Brian Compton. The Lizrard Chronicles. Studies in Salish Linguistics in Honor of M. Dale Kinkade, Donna B. Gerdts and Lisa Matthewson, eds. University of Montana Occasional Papers in Linguistics 17. Missoula, Mo, 2004.

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