B.Sc., PhD

Lab Supervisor, Physics
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
School of STEM

604.983.7571 ext. 7571
Fir Building, room FR302C


PhD, Physics, Simon Fraser University, 2013.

B.Sc., Physics, Simon Fraser University, 2006.


Derek Howell (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2013) is an inquisitive physicist who enjoys a good challenge. His interest in physics stems from a strong curiosity in discovering how things work whether it's mechanical, electronical or computational. Howell's doctorate research was done at TRIUMF located on the University of British Columbia campus in the field of experimental nuclear astrophysics, a field of study that focuses on the nuclear fusion reactions that take place in a stellar environment.

Howell joined the physics department at Capilano University in 2017 as a laboratory supervisor and is always working towards developing new and interesting experiments for use in the physics laboratory. In addition to work done in the physics lab, Howell is active in the astronomy community delivering public lectures at local libraries and providing hands on instructions with telescopes.

To me, physics and astronomy are topics that should not need any help in sparking interest and curiosity. From the smallest subatomic particles to the immense size of galaxies and structures in the universe, physics and astronomy are the natural study of how the universe works. I love to bring my own curiosity and interest in these topics to others and share in the wonders that we can explain, and questions from what we can't yet explain.