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MA (Social & Educational Studies), University of British Columbia, 1992.

2do. Curso Intensivo (Otoro), Centro de Ensenanza para Extrajeros, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1988.

Ier. Curso Intensivo (Primavera), Centro de Ensenanza para Extrajeros, Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, 1988.

ELI Certificate, English Language Institute, University of British Columbia, 1987.

Diploma in Education (ESL), University of British Columbia, 1987.

BA (English Literature & Psychology), University of British Columbia, 1986.


Carrie Jung (MA, University of British Columbia, 1992) is a trained ESL instructor now teaching in the English for Academic Purposes (EAP) department at Capilano University.

Jung's educational background includes a BA with a double major in English literature and psychology, diplomas in teaching ESL to adult students, and an MA in social and educational studies.

She has taught at the English Language Institute (ELI) at the University of British Columbia and at Universit du Qubec Montral. Overseas, she has taught English at the Ministry of Transport & Communication in Prague, the Regional English Language Centre in Singapore and Kushiro Public University in Japan.

Jung's long-standing interest throughout her years as a student and continuing in her role as an instructor is volunteerism and community. She strongly believes that volunteer work is an important part of an individual's professional and personal growth as well as a commitment to bettering the community in which we live.

To this end, she has actively encouraged her students to participate in volunteer work, and currently serves as Convenor to the Community Engagement Committee in the EAP department.

In her personal life, Jung regularly participates in volunteer work in such worthy organizations as the Heart & Stroke Foundation and the Taoist Tai Chi Association.

As an instructor, working with both international and domestic students who study English as their second (or third) language, I enjoy helping my students improve their communication skills and their proficiency in English, develop their knowledge about Canada, and understand North American academic and work culture.

I feel strongly that the purpose of education is not only to develop an individual professionally but also personally. I believe that one of my responsibilities as a teacher is to help students become contributing members of society and to become good global citizens. An important way for students to reach this goal is through participating in community activities and volunteer work.

I have done research in the area of the writing process, helping non-native English speaking students understand and develop the skills necessary to write prose in academic English. My co-author and I have published various articles and two textbooks in this field.

My current research is in the area of social and emotional learning (SEL), exploring ways to help students in the classroom develop social and emotional skills. My specific interest is helping students who come from non-English speaking backgrounds successfully integrate into Canadian academic and professional culture.

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Capilano Spirit Award, Capilano University, 2014.

Volunteers for Life Recognition, Canadian Blood Services, 2010.

Certificate of Nomination, Courage to Come Back, 2007.

Certificate of Nomination, Courage to Come Back, 2001.

Volunteer Appreciation Citation, Heart and Stroke Foundation, 1998.

Special Thanks, Recognition of Contribution, United Way, 1998.