A course to develop skills for success.




This course is highly interactive and designed to prepare students for learning success at university. Topics include time-management, note-taking, study and reading strategies, test-taking, presentation skills, mindset, and effective use of university resources.

For further information or questions about USS 100, call the Department of Community Development and Outreach in the Faculty of Education, Health and Human Development at 604 986 1911 ext. 7885 or visit BR362.   

  • Taking a university success strategies course is a great way to get your university education off to a successful start.

    In just one semester you will learn to increase your learning efficiency and develop attitudes and skills that will help you to reach your academic, as well as your personal and career goals.
  • Students who take university success courses tend to have higher grade point averages than their peers, are more likely to graduate from a college or university, are more likely to use resources and communicate with their instructors, and generally approach their studies with more confidence and conviction.

A student succeeding.

University success courses are very beneficial to a number of different types of students:

  • New students to the university, who wish to prepare themselves for the challenge of studying at the post-secondary level. Many students find that although they were successful at high school, they do not have the personal and academic skills they need to succeed at university.
  • Continuing students, who wish to improve their grade point average by improving their study skills also benefit from this course. Many students find their first semester more challenging than they expected and find themselves on academic probation. Taking a university success course helps students to improve their grades and get back on track with their studies.
  • International and advanced ESL students, studying in Canada may need to develop new ways of studying and thinking and there is no better way of making this adjustment than taking a university success course.
  • Students with accessibility needs facing learning challenges also benefit from taking a university success course by learning how to capitalize on their learning strengths and compensate for their difficulties.
  • Mature students who are returning to continue their education, having been away from school for some time.