"Student success at Capilano University comes down to two things. First, we want our students to be successful when they're here learning and studying. And second, we want our graduates to be successful when they leave CapU and embark on their careers.

Providing a space for our students that gives them the tools and resources they need to succeed is why we created the CapU Centre for Student Success (CCSS). The CCSS serves as a hub for our students where they can collaborate, study and prepare for their futures."
Paul Dangerfield, president, Capilano University

Students studying in the Learning Commons.

Your success matters here!

Successful students tend to be engaged, self-aware, self-directed and make informed decisions. They are able to define meaningful academic, career and life goals and progress towards those goals by learning how to successfully overcome obstacles.

They also make the most of changes and transitions, and make meaningful connections between their classroom learning and their co-curricular experiences. It is through their educational experience that successful students come to understand their values and strengths and equip themselves with the skills that prepare them for the future.

During your educational journey at CapU, our goal is to assist students to learn to become reflective, resilient problem solvers, engaged learners, persistent and career-focused. With this aim in mind, CapU has created a centrally-located and expanded Learning Commons as part of the CapU Centre for Student Success.

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