"Student success at Capilano University comes down to two things. First, we want our students to be successful when they're here learning and studying. And second, we want our graduates to be successful when they leave CapU and embark on their careers.

Providing a space for our students that gives them the tools and resources they need to succeed is why we created the CapU Centre for Student Success (CCSS). The CCSS serves as a hub for our students where they can collaborate, study and prepare for their futures."
Paul Dangerfield, president, Capilano University

Students studying in the Learning Commons.

Capilano University has created a centrally located and expanded Learning Commons as part of the CapU Centre for Student Success.

The CCSS and the Learning Commons within it provide key learning resources in a central space to support CapU's commitment to every student’s success.

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Centre for Student Success

Library Building, room LB116