PhD, English, Simon Fraser University, 2003.

MA, English, University of British Columbia, 1988.

BA, English & Art History, University of British Columbia, 1986.


Sheila Ross (PhD, Simon Fraser University, 2003) has taught literature and writing at Capilano University since 2008. Her doctoral work is a study of the 20th century German philosopher H.G. Gadamer's work on "event hermeneutics" and its radical potential for a new ethics as well as for understanding contemporary narrative art. This orientation deeply informs her teaching, whether concerning the temporal structures that organize storytelling, or the importance of the oral word for the written essay.

I regularly teach a variety of literature and writing courses, from upper level literature and composition courses to Canadian literature, literature & film, and introductory literature and university writing courses.

My long-time interest in apocalyptic literatures has taken an environmental turn, as I research literature exploring life in a time of climate catastrophe (for example, novels by Claudia Casper, Claire Watkins, Richard Powers, Annalee Newitz) and especially works that critique human exceptionalism by foregrounding the sentience of other living creatures.

This research turn may help our students to imagine or reimagine value systems for a world in turmoil. Other scholarly interests include theorizing a poetics of attention and the threat posed to its cultivation by a surveillance economy. I am also interested in resuming the development of an intermediate writing textbook on style, put on hold while developing an new English Major.

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