Bachelor of Arts (Honours) with a Major in Psychology

Faculty of Arts & Sciences School of Social Sciences


4 year(s)

Program Highlights

Boost your chances of getting into graduate school with the Bachelor of Arts with a Major in Psychology (Honours) at CapU.

If you've dreamed of a career as a clinical or counselling psychologist, behavioural scientist, or research psychologist, this is the place to start.

As part of the program, you will complete a thesis that will allow you to develop and carry out a range of independent research projects in your field of interest.

After completing your Honours degree, you'll be ready to join the workforce or start graduate studies in psychology.

To learn more about the Honours program, contact the Faculty of Arts & Sciences at CapU today.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of psychology’s content domains, key concepts, principles and themes.
  • Apply their knowledge of psychology in applied settings; to social issues; and in their everyday life.
  • Use scientific reasoning and psychological information literacy to interpret psychological phenomena.
  • Demonstrate innovative and integrative thinking and problem solving and incorporate sociocultural factors in scientific inquiry.
  • Apply scientific methodologies and data analysis to interpret, design and conduct psychological research.
  • Demonstrate ethical and social responsibility and apply ethical standards in psychological science and practice.
  • Demonstrate competence in communication and effective writing and presentation skills.
  • Apply their knowledge, skills and social cognition in teamwork, leadership, and project management and demonstrate self-efficacy, self-regulation and a meaningful professional direction.

Tuition and Fees Per Year

Domestic Students
Year Tuition Fees Total
Year 1$4,147 $1,638 $5,785
Year 2$4,147 $1,638 $5,785
Year 3$5,669 $1,638 $7,307
Year 4$6,803 $1,638 $8,441
Year 5$0 $0 $0
Total$20,766 $6,551 $27,318

Note: Fees are subject to change. Some programs have fees for supplies and equipment that aren’t included in the estimate. To get an idea of what you’ll pay to study at CapU, try out our Tuition & Fees Estimator.

Lower-Level Requirements

Total credits: 24.00

PSYC 100Introduction to Psychology I3.00 credits
PSYC 101Introduction to Psychology II3.00 credits
PSYC 212Research Methods in Psychology3.00 credits
PSYC 213Statistical Methods in Psychology3.00 credits
Choose 12.00 credits from the following list:
PSYCPsychology 200-level12.00 credits


Upper-Level Psychology Core

Total credits: 18.00


Core Psychology Courses:

Minimum of 3.00 credits from each of the five core course groupings: Social/Cultural/Personality; Biological; Cognitive; Developmental; Mental Health and Well-Being (see details below)15.00 credits
PSYC 412Applied Research Methods in Psychology3.00 credits


Upper-Level Electives

Total credits: 12.00

Choose 12.00 credits from the following list:

Students in the Applied Psychology Concentration must take PSYC 430 and select the remaining 9.00 credits from the Applied Psychology group only.

Psychology Electives - select from any of the Psychology Course Groupings below12.00 credits


Honours Requirement

Total credits: 9.00


Honours students must plan to take PSYC 303 and both PSYC 412 and 413 as pre- or co-requisites for PSYC 480/481.

PSYC 480Honours Thesis6.00 credits
PSYC 481Honours Seminar3.00 credits


Psychology Course Groupings

Choose from the following list:

Note: While courses may appear in more than one grouping, credit for these courses can be applied towards one requirement only.

Applied Psychology: PSYC 325, 327, 328, 340, 410, 420, 422, 430
Biological: PSYC 334, 335, 336, 337, 338
Cognitive: PSYC 330, 331, 332, 333
Developmental: PSYC 304, 305, 306
Mental Health and Well-Being: PSYC 325, 326, 422
Psychology Electives: PSYC 303, 315, 342, 343, 413, 415, 440, 490
Social/Cultural/Personality: PSYC 300, 301, 321, 329, 341, 400, 401


Total program credits: 63.00

Program Notes

Students starting in their baccalaureate degree on or after Fall 2018 and graduating on or after June 2022 must meet Cap Core graduation requirements in addition to their program requirements.

Students pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree must complete all requirements in the Bachelor of Arts Framework and Cap Core requirements in addition to their major or minor program requirements.

Students may obtain a Concentration in Applied Psychology by completing PSYC 430 and 9.00 credits from the Applied Psychology group as their Upper-Level Electives requirement.

Students pursing the Honours program should plan to take PSYC 303, PSYC 412 and PSYC 413. Students can declare their interest after successful completion of 90.00 credits and must achieve a minimum CGPA of 3.50 on their upper-level course work in order to be eligible for the program. Approval of a psychology faculty advisor is also required.

Graduation Requirement: Students must achieve a cumulative grade point average of 3.33 (B+) or higher on all upper-level course work in order to graduate.

Bachelor of Arts Degree Framework

In order to graduate, students must complete a minimum of 120.00 credits, maintain a minimum CGPA of 2.00, and meet Cap Core, program, Capilano University residency, and Bachelor of Arts Curricular requirements. Program credit requirement: one major, major/minor or two minors.

English RequirementRequired 
Must include 3 credits of ENGL 100 (completed within the first 30 credits) and 3 additional credits of ENGL.   6.00 
Arts Credit RequirementRequired
The Arts Credit Requirement is fulfilled through the completion of 65 credits of 100-level or higher coursework from within the Faculty of Arts & Sciences that have been designated as Arts, Humanities or Social Sciences; or the corresponding transfer credits. Must include 24 credits consisting of a minimum of 3 credits in at least four disciplines outside of the major program area, one of which must be at the 300-level or higher. The 24 credit breadth requirement is waived for majors requiring courses in multiple disciplines. 65.00
Language RequirementRequired

Other than English

All BA students will demonstrate competency in a language other than English equivalent to BC high school Grade 11. Students meet competency by one of the following:

  • Successful completion of any Grade 11 course with a minimum B grade in an approved language other than English while in secondary school; or
  • Successful completion of any secondary immersion program or secondary school at an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or
  • Successful completion of a post-secondary credential awarded by an institution at which the primary language of instruction is not English; or
  • Successful completion of 3.00 credits of a post-secondary level course in a language other than English.
Quantitative/Analytical RequirementRequired
Minimum of 3 credits in a Quantitative/Analytical course approved by the Senate Curriculum Committee. 3.00
Science RequirementRequired
3 credits of a Laboratory science and a minimum 3 credits in Science. 6.00
Upper-Level RequirementRequired
Minimum of 45.00 of the total credits with courses numbered 300-level or higher. 45.00

For the official publication of programs, course descriptions and admission requirements please view the Capilano University Calendar (pdf).

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