Plans for the Spring 2021 Term

Update for students and employees on course delivery in Spring 2021 in our continued response to COVID-19.

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With the ongoing nature of the pandemic, we are continuing to adapt our delivery model in alignment with health and safety orders and guidelines that support British Columbia’s response to COVID-19.

Spring 2021

Similar to this fall, the Spring 2021 term will continue in an adapted mode of delivery. Beginning on January 4, 2021, most courses and programs will be provided online, with certain courses offered in-person and others as a combination of in-person and online modes.

What you can do now to prepare

Registration for the Spring term begins November 16, 2020. Each course will indicate its mode of delivery. Students will be able to see that their course is offered in one of the following ways:

  • online (web-based)
  • in-person (face-to-face)
  • mixed mode (a combination of online and in-person)
  • off-site (practicums or community-based delivery)

The mode of delivery is important information and students are encouraged to engage with registration as early as possible in November.

Most courses will be offered through web-based tools such as our learning management system (eLearn) and other university-wide tools (MSTeams, WebEx, Kaltura and ZOOM). Any courses that are offered in mixed-mode or in-person will have approved health and safety plans in place. Active learning methods and approaches will be facilitated in courses to the extent possible and always in alignment with health and safety guidelines.

Support services

We will continue to offer our full range of Student Services and Academic Support Services throughout the Spring term similar to the structure and hours we have now. Should there be any adjustments to the delivery of these services, we will advise you in advance.

Adapting to change

This time one year ago, no one imagined the circumstances that would bring us to adapting every aspect of how we operate as a university and how we connect as a community. In so doing, we have called upon you to adapt as well. I want to commend you, along with every member of our CapU community for the cooperation, understanding, respect and adaptability that you are bringing to this situation. It makes all the difference in how we relate to each other.

We're listening

This message provides you with our plans for the Spring, but please know we maintain a continued commitment to improving the CapU experience, however possible, in this time of pandemic.


Laureen Styles
VP Academic and Provost
Capilano University

Submitted by: Linda Munro, Communications