Capilano University is the first university in Canada to provide a Short Édition Short Story Dispenser

Instead of consulting their phones in idle moments, students and visitors to the new Learning Commons at Capilano University can now get a literary lift. The University unveiled the first Short Story Dispenser in British Columbia at the official opening of its Learning Commons on November 20, 2018.

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Users decide whether they prefer a story that takes one, three or five minutes to read, and then press a button to receive an original story or poem on a scroll of eco-friendly paper. Free of charge for the user, the works of fiction transform unoccupied minutes and wait times into literary experiences.

The first university in Canada to collaborate with Short Édition of Grenoble, France, Capilano University pursued this innovative dispenser as an extension of its commitment to literacy, creativity and enriching the student experience.

Legendary filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola calls Short Édition stories “an artistic lift free of charge.”

“We’re excited to be the first university in Canada to offer stories in such an innovative way,” says Victoria Miles, Capilano University’s director of communications & marketing. “Our new story dispenser is an elegant, intriguing enhancement of our services to students. We hope the short stories reinvigorate a love of reading and inspire our campus community.”

Dispensed stories not only entertain recipients but also tend to spur impromptu conversations. Creative, contemporary and connected —words that describe both Short Édition and CapU.


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