Looking back: A snapshot of CapU's history is now online

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NORTH VANCOUVER B.C. – A catchy radio jingle entitled "Step into your Future" from 1983 is just one of 2,553 archival items that have been digitized for the new CapU’s History website. The tune, produced to attract students to attend CapU, is now online.

Library staff and volunteers (including former CapU president Greg Lee and former CapU foundation board chair Jeri Krogseth) dedicated considerable time last summer to selecting photos and documents to be digitized for CapU’s History. The digitization of these historical assets corresponded with the celebration of Capilano University’s 50th year. The project inspired the Then and Now gallery of photos on display in CapU’s cafeteria and select stories on the University’s 50th anniversary website.

Sorted into the categories of documents, images, media and publications, most of the items in CapU’s History are unlabelled. The University encourages alumni, long-time employees and the community to delve into CapU’s History to discover hidden gems. If you spot an item that means something to you, note the unique identifier for that item and email relevant details to library@capilanou.ca. At this time, the University isn’t seeking additional items for the collection.

Submitted by: Cheryl Rossi