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Capilano University has launched Capsule, our new digital magazine, on Instagram. 

Capsule is the work of CapU’s marketing and digital experience team. We are a collective of diverse talents (including brand strategy, social media, design, writing, to name a few) but one common thread that unites us is our love of storytelling.

We created Capsule because we believe stories have the power to build connections — and there is no better time to launch a platform designed to connect us through stories. It’s more important than ever to create ways to stay in touch with, learn about, and learn from each other.

We started this project in late 2019 with the goal to launch in April. With the pandemic, our plans were put on hold as we adjusted to our new reality. We are still working on a beautiful new website for Capsule – and hope to share that with you soon – but in the meantime, we are launching our first round of stories on Instagram at @capsule.stories.

Some of our stories address COVID-19 directly, like a former student’s photo essay about what it’s like to graduate during a pandemic. Others won’t address the pandemic at all, reflecting what we were focused on before everything changed.

We decided to publish these stories as is, and it only fits that our first set of stories are essentially a time capsule of the last few months.

We hope this work provides insight into the CapU community and fosters your connection to it. Remember to check back often for new stories and perspectives.

Taehoon Kim, Managing Editor

Rommel Cabanal, Shannon Colin, Gillian Damborg, Niki Hope, Chelsea Kelso, Alisha Moolla, Linda Munro, Kirk Pedersen

Capsule Issue I was made possible by support and contributions by:
Victoria Miles, Rafael Gi, Denise Corcoran, Tanya Bovenlander-Vogt, Nancy Lanthier, Bria Marchenski, Nathalie Taylor, Dini Stamatopulos, Trevor Jacobson, John Umunna and the CapU Residence Advisors

Submitted by: Taehoon Kim


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