Accessibility Services coordinates and establishes academic accommodations and associated services for students with disabilities at CapU.

Students enjoying CapUIncoming and current students with disabilities who are requesting an academic accommodation need to self-identify and register with Accessibility Services. Academic accommodations are granted when there is a barrier in the learning environment that relates to the functional impact of a disabling condition.

A disabling condition may be ongoing, episodic, apparent or non-evident, temporary or permanent, including speech, hearing, visual, physical, mental health and neurological disabilities as well as chronic health conditions and acquired brain injury.

Accessibility at CapU

Capilano University recognizes its obligation and commitment to providing academic accommodations to ensure an accessible and inclusive educational environment. The University provides students with disabilities the same rights, responsibilities, opportunities and respect for dignity as all other students. This is accomplished by providing academic accommodations to mitigate for physical, attitudinal, technological, systemic and communication barriers.

The University makes every effort to provide an environment free of discrimination in accordance with the Canadian Charter of Right and Freedoms and the BC Human Rights Code.

Faculty and Staff

  • Accessibility Services Faculty Coordinator - Cheryl Kramer, BA, MS
  • Accessibility Services Faculty Advisor - Nathan Anderson, M.Ed 
  • Accessibility Services Faculty Advisor - Heather Mitchell, BA-BPHE, B.Ed, M.Ed
  • Divisional/Departmental Assistant - Carrie Whitworth, BCR
  • Accessibility Services Assistant - Shelby Jenkins, B.Sc.
  • Accessibility Services Assistant - Liam Embury, BA