Learning Support Services are operating remotely

For the Spring 2021 term, Learning Support Services will be delivered remotely by phone, email or online.

Our hours are Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 4 p.m.

To make an appointment, click the "Book an Appointment" box on the right or scroll down for more information.

The successful student needs to know how to plan, time manage and organize a semester, make good lecture and text notes, prepare for exams and much more.

Having well-developed learning strategies is associated with improved learning and grades.

Learning Support Services at CapU offers academic support to students and facilitates enhanced performance by:

  • teaching strategies to study efficiently and effectively;
  • strengthening students’ learning inside and outside the classroom; and
  • changing unsatisfying academic results.

Learning Support Appointments

Learning Support provides individualized education and support to all students who want to develop a greater awareness of what is required to learn course content.

Book an Appointment

Need to speak with someone urgently regarding an academic concern? Drop in daily for a short individualized support session on academic skills and recommendations to enhance performance.

To schedule a confidential, one-hour single session or continuing learning strategy development appointments, email learningsupport@capilanou.ca or call 604 984 1744

Expect more than one appointment for a deeper exploration of more long standing academic challenges.

Accountability check-ins of 20 minutes duration are available to reinforce newly learned strategies and turn them into productive habits.

Set your group up for success by arranging a session with Learning Support Services on strategies for effective group project work involving communication, planning, roles and accountability for every step of the way.

Learning Support Skills Webinars

Learning specialist Heather Mitchell is hosting webinars throughout the term to help you become a more efficient and effective learner.

Visit the CapU events calendar for webinar information.

CapU Events Calendar

Learning Support Skills Resources


Remote-ivation, a new student-led academic community at CapU, aims to help students stay connected, motivated and successfully navigate online learning during these remote circumstances.

There are various channels to get involved with and each one provides a forum space where all students can discuss general issues and thoughts related to remote learning and university life; offer each other tips and strategies; socialize in an informal setting; and set work goals, find study-buddies and encourage one another through productivity pacts and positive reinforcement.

If you are looking for a community that is for students and by students, this is the place to be!

Join Remote-ivation

USS100 – Introduction to University Success Strategies (3 credits)

This 3-credit course prepares students for learning success at university. Topics include time-management, note-taking, study and reading strategies, test-taking, presentation skills, mindset, and effective use of university resources.

Learning Skills Assistance at the Regional Campuses

For information on the services offered by the Learning Specialist at the Sunshine Coast campus, please contact the Sechelt Regional Campus receptionist at 604 986 1911, local 5900 (toll-free), or at 604 885 9310.

Learning Specialist Consultations

The Learning Specialist synthesizes interview, diagnostic, and education data to understand you as a learner. Working together you will build a student success action plan:

  • Understand what you need to do;
  • Know the action steps to get there; and
  • Chart your progress en route.

Support for Faculty

Learning Support connects problems in students’ learning to the underlying process of learning.

By teaching students evidence-based learning strategies, they build the metacognitive capacity to systematically plan and effect change in how they learn.

Making students more aware of their own efforts relative to academic expectations results in them adopting new ones where necessary.

Student Referral

Students appreciate your expressed interest in their success. Please consider referring students to the Learning Specialist for learning strategies focused attention.

Students are more likely to seek out help when this guidance is given by their instructor.

Customized Classroom Workshops

The Learning Specialist provides customized workshops to facilitate metacognitive skill development. A workshop is an interactive learning experience designed to support the course content instruction students receive.

Every effort is made to use the students’ course materials and assignments to develop their learning processes and the skill being taught.

Students are more likely to benefit from a workshop where there is an immediate application for the new knowledge.


Faculty can consult the Learning Specialist on learning issues that are identified in courses.

Such consultations may result in tailored workshops, resource development to aid student learning and strategy development to embed in sections of coursework that will help students adapt their techniques to get more from their learning experiences.