Learning Support Services — Summer 2022

Due to lower enrolments over the Summer 2022 term, the Learning Strategist is unavailable between May 11 — July 3.

To provide you with support, these links are to materials that have been vetted by our Learning Strategist (commonly referred to as Open Educational Resources):

We are here to help you to plan, manage your time and organize your semester, make useful notes (from your textbooks and lectures), prepare for exams and more.

A student works with a librarian at the CapU Learning Commons.

The Learning Specialist, as part of Learning Support Services at CapU, can support you by providing ways for you to explore how you learn and offer diverse ways to trial and explore different learning strategies that can help you to grow as a learner.

These include improving how you study, guiding you towards using your time efficiently and effectively, and breaking habits that are not working for you and your learning.

Learning Support Appointments

Appointments take place either online or in-person. Please click the “Book An Appointment” button to view our current schedule.

If you are experiencing challenges booking online or would prefer to speak with someone, please note that you can also schedule an appointment by emailing learningsupport@capilanou.ca or calling a member of our Learning Support Services team at 604 984 1744.

Book an Appointment

Need to speak with someone urgently regarding an academic concern? Drop in daily for a short individualized support session on academic skills and recommendations to enhance performance.

To schedule a confidential, one-hour single session or continuing learning strategy development appointments, email learningsupport@capilanou.ca or call 604 984 1744

Expect more than one appointment for a deeper exploration of more long standing academic challenges.

Accountability check-ins of 20 minutes duration are available to reinforce newly learned strategies and turn them into productive habits.

Set your group up for success by arranging a session with Learning Support Services on strategies for effective group project work involving communication, planning, roles and accountability for every step of the way.

Academic Skills Workshops

During the semester we host a number of workshops geared towards helping you to reach your academic goals at CapU.

Visit the CapU events calendar for upcoming workshops.

CapU Events Calendar

Learning Support Skills Resources

University Success Strategies courses

We offer two University Success Strategies courses, both are three-credits and can help prepare you for learning success at university.

Topics include time-management, note-taking, study and reading strategies, test-taking, presentation skills, mindset and effective use of university resources.

Learning Skills Assistance at the Regional Campuses

For information on the services offered by the Learning Specialist at the Sunshine Coast campus, please contact the Sechelt Regional Campus receptionist at 604 986 1911, local 5900 (toll-free), or at 604 885 9310.

Support for Faculty

Learning Support uses evidence-based learning strategies to support students while they build the metacognitive capacity to systematically plan and effect change in how they learn.

Making students more aware of their own efforts relative to academic expectations results in them adopting new ones where necessary.

Student Referral

Students appreciate your expressed interest in their success. Please consider referring students to the Learning Specialist for support in developing their learning strategies and approaches.

Customized Classroom Workshops

The Learning Specialist is currently working on asynchronous workshops, via eLearn, to support students study skills development 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

They are also able to provide customized workshops, ranging from 15-45 minutes, to support your students with course-specific skills development. Every effort is made to use the students’ course materials and assignments to develop their learning processes and the skill being taught.

Students are more likely to benefit from a workshop where there is an immediate application for the new knowledge.

Faculty Consultations

Faculty can consult the Learning Specialist on learning issues that are identified in courses.

These consultations may result in tailored workshops, referral to pre-existing workshops, resource referral and/or resource development that will help students adapt their techniques to get more from their learning experiences at CapU.


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