International Women's Day

Message from Paul Dangerfield, President of Capilano University

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At Capilano University, half of our executive team members are women, nearly 40 per cent of our Board of Governors members are women, 51 per cent of our faculty, 65 per cent of our staff and 61 per cent of our students are female. We aim to promote respect, non-violence and the value of diversity in terms of gender, ethnicity, race, age, sexual orientation, marital status, family status and ability.

International Women's Day prompts us to listen deeply to the diversity of womens voices, reflect on our privilege, acknowledge even the most casual acts of discrimination and determine what we can each do to make women safe, confident and recognized for their skills, talents and power. As providers of higher education, we have a unique opportunity and obligation to help young adults — both men and women — become caring and responsible global citizens creating a more just world.

Submitted by: President's Office