3D Animation for Film and Games Diploma

Faculty of Fine & Applied Arts School of Animation & Visual Effects


2 year(s)

Program Highlights

The two-year 3D Animation for Film & Games diploma program gives you the skills to bring 3D computer-generated characters and environments to life.

You'll start your 3D animation schooling by learning the key techniques of 3D and animation software, receiving coaching from instructors and industry professionals who have decades of real world experience, with many still working in the film, TV and video games industries today.

If you're looking to get an exciting career in animation off the ground, the 3D Animation courses at CapU are where you start.

  • Demonstrate the skills, theoretical knowledge, and professional attitude necessary to function as a production artist in the animation industry.
  • Develop a plan to continue with lifelong learning, creative achievement, and professional growth.
  • Work in a creative production in a professional, responsible and confident manner.
  • Define and apply the concepts and production skills required to develop professional quality animation from initial concept through final production.
  • Create and maintain a professional portfolio that meets industry expectations and showcases their artistic and technical achievements.
  • Demonstrate the knowledge, dedication and work ethic required to be a successful member of a production team.
  • Collaborate on team projects while being responsible for creating and managing time, resources and outcomes.

Admission Requirements

English language requirements

English is the language of instruction at CapU. All applicants are required to demonstrate competence in the English language prior to admission.

If English is not your first language or you’ve received your education in a language other than English, you must meet our English Language Requirements.

Basic requirements

  • High school graduation

Program-specific requirements

  • Interview
  • Portfolio and/or demo reel of relevant work
  • Letter of intent

Additional information

Letter of intent needs to indicate interest in the animation field and previous related experience (if applicable).

Program Requirements

First Term

Total credits: 17.25

DIGI 1303D Animation I4.50 credits
DIGI 1323D Design for Production I4.50 credits
DIGI 134Technical Direction and Rigging I3.00 credits
DIGI 136Life Drawing for Animators I2.25 credits
ENGL 100University Writing Strategies3.00 credits


Second Term

Total credits: 18.00

DIGI 1403D Animation II4.50 credits
DIGI 1423D Design for Production II4.50 credits
DIGI 144Technical Direction and Rigging II3.00 credits
DIGI 146Life Drawing for Animators II2.25 credits
DIGI 148Concept Art and Design I2.25 credits
DIGI 149Animation Action Analysis1.50 credits


Third Term

Total credits: 15.00

DIGI 234Technical Direction and Rigging III3.00 credits
DIGI 237The Art of Visual Storytelling3.00 credits
DIGI 238Concept Art and Design II2.25 credits
Choose 6.75 credits from the following list:
DIGI 2303D Animation III6.75 credits
DIGI 2323D Design for Production III6.75 credits


Fourth Term

Total credits: 14.25

ANIM 210Entrepreneurship in the Animation Industry1.50 credits
DIGI 243Look Development and Lighting3.00 credits
ENGL or CMNS 100 level or higher3.00 credits
Choose 6.75 credits from the following list:
DIGI 2403D Animation IV6.75 credits
DIGI 2423D Design for Production IV6.75 credits


Total program credits: 64.50

Program Notes

Continuation Requirement: Students must successfully complete the required and elected 3D Animation (DIGI) course credits in one term before continuing to the next term.


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