eLearn Communicable Disease Prevention Training

As part of the requirements under the University’s Exposure Control Plan for Communicable Diseases, all employees are required to complete a self-guided Communicable Disease Prevention Training eLearn module.

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This training only needs to be completed once, so if you have new employees or members of your team who have yet to complete the eLearn, please ensure they complete the training.

Safety measures on campus 

Visit Campus Safety for the latest information. 

Resources for working remotely

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Mental health supports

Employees may be anxious or experiencing increased stress about returning to campus. Mental health supports will be critical for everyone’s health and wellbeing as part of the return to in-person activities on campus. CapU offers a variety of supports, services and opportunities to promote employee mental health. Employees can access the Mental Health Toolkit for ways to maintain positive mental health and find various supports and resources available. 

Additionally, should an employee require support, someone to talk to or assistance for a family member who is struggling at this time, CapU's Employee & Family Assistance Program through Homewood Health is available. 

For counselling and mental health tools for students living with mental health challenges, employees can access Capacity to Connect—an open, adaptable digital training resource by BCcampus, that provides basic mental health and wellness knowledge for post-secondary faculty and staff to support students in distress. 

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