2022–2023 on Campus

CapU continues to offer courses and programming in-person, mix mode or remotely. This is expected to continue for the 2022–2023 academic year.

We are thoughtfully planning our learning and services activities on our campuses and learning locations based on the University's safety plans, public health guidance, WorkSafeBC requirements and input from our community.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

The U-Pass BC program provides Capilano Students’ Union (CSU) members (CapU students) with unlimited access to transit in the Metro Vancouver region. The U-Pass BC program is structured as a universal and mandatory program for students at participating public post-secondary institutions. It is this universal model that makes the affordability of the U-Pass BC program possible. For students who rely on the U-Pass BC program, this means savings of up to $538 on transit passes every single term.

Certain students are exempt from the U-Pass BC program. For more information about U-Pass BC, including exemptions and eligibility details, visit csu.bc.ca/services/upass/


The U-Pass is one of the CSU’s most popular initiatives, so much so that the most recent referendum on its continuation passed with over 84% of valid votes cast in favour. The U-Pass BC fee is be assessed as follows:

  • $44.20 per month starting May 1, 2022
  • $45.10 per month starting May 1, 2023
  • $46.00 per month starting May 1, 2024

Questions and comments regarding the UPass can be directed to the CSU at upass@csu.bc.ca.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

Yes. Counselling appointments are currently available by phone or Microsoft Teams. All students accessing counselling services must be currently residing in B.C. To book an appointment, students can book online, email counselling@capilanou.ca, call 604 984 1744 or visit the counselling office in Birch Building, room BR267.

Indigenous students are now able to schedule an appointment with an Indigenous counsellor. Currently these appointments can only be scheduled by phone or email.

Appointments and office hours are available Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Students must only book one initial appointment, multiple initial appointments are subject to cancellation. In the event of an urgent situation, students can call or email during service hours to access a limited number of daily appointments.

Outside of service hours, students can call the 24-hour BC Crisis Centre line 604 872 3311 or visit Here2Talk, a mental health support service for all students currently registered in a B.C. post-secondary institution. Visit Counselling and mental health services for more information.


Reviewed August 22, 2022

You can contact Capilano University’s Wong and Trainor Centre for International Experience.


We’ve created a dedicated email channel: campusready@capilanou.ca to answer questions from students and employees related to the University's campus plans and operations. 


The Registrar's Office is located on the ground floor of the Library Building, room LB152.

Registration information: in-person service is available everyday.

In-person advising is available by appointment only from Monday to Thursday for Academic Advising, Financial Aid and prospective students.

The Registrar's Office will continue to assist students by phone or online advising appointments. For questions related to academic advising, financial aid, prospective student advising or registration, you can contact the appropriate team:

For more information please call 604 984 4900.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

Students can login to myCapU to access transcripts and midterm marks.

Official transcripts can be ordered online via your myCapU account.

For more information about transcripts, please contact the Registrar.

This will depend on whether your courses are fully online or have some in-person components. When you register for your courses, the course description in myCapU will state whether the course will be delivered in-person, online or through a hybrid online and in-person model. 


Reviewed November 28, 2022

No. Based on current health and safety plans at the University, classes can be scheduled without physical distancing requirements. In the event our guidance from the provincial health authority changes, we will adapt. 

The Provincial Health Officer has indicated that there are no limits on the number of participants for in-person educational activities. Classes can be scheduled without physical distancing requirements (e.g. a classroom with 30 seats can be scheduled with 30 students; a lecture theatre with 150 seats can be scheduled with 150 students).

While physical distancing is one tool to help limit the spread of COVID-19, it is not practical in many situations. Now that most people in B.C. are fully vaccinated, it is more important to respect people’s personal space

To learn more, visit CapU’s Campus Safety webpage.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

Students often have classes back-to-back, and we ask that you plan your course schedule to allow for enough time to transition between classes. 

If you need to attend a virtual class while on the main campus with own laptop or device, LB214 is available for you! In addition, the Library 1st Floor has computers and space for laptop users.

If you need to attend a remote class on campus, remember to bring headphones, preferably with a microphone. If you forgot yours or don’t have any, the bookstore sells inexpensive ear buds.

In addition, the Library has a limited number of headphones and headsets that you can borrow. The equipment is sanitized between each use.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

Not necessarily. Alternative or pre-recorded learning resources may not be available for in-person courses if you’re unable to attend class. Please speak with your instructor to discuss your options.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

Instructors are only expected to deliver a course in the mode it was designated for: in-person, online or through a hybrid online and in-person model.

Available supports will vary from course to course and be dependent on the length of illness, material being covered and attendance requirements. It is the student's responsibility to communicate with the instructor regarding illness that may prevent them from attending class. Decisions regarding attendance continues to be at the discretion of instructors.


Reviewed November 28, 2022

No. Recording a class is not permitted without prior authorization by the instructor and must follow the privacy policy of the University.


Reviewed November 28, 2022