The President's Letter is a bimonthly newsletter featuring community updates from Capilano University President and Vice-Chancellor Paul Dangerfield.

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CapU students are helping to meet labour market needs in B.C., and with about a million skilled positions needing to be filled over the next decade and a record number of retirements, how can we meet the demand? Two words: international students. Read more

I bike to campus—a 30 km commute that is actually faster than driving—and daily confront the realities of a flawed transportation system. For our planet, students and communities, it’s time we prioritize better ways we get around the North Shore. Read more

Fostering meaningful human connection is one of tourism’s greatest gifts. What can tourism teach us about moving ahead in the face of chronic uncertainty—Here’s how the School of Tourism Management is leading the way. Read more

HOME—a small word with large significance where housing and homelessness are top of mind for many young people. In my May Letter, I share how we’re working together to build a sense of home that supports the mental health and success of students. Read more

CapU is a vibrant international community and the violence in Ukraine affects us all. After two years of COVID-19, we’re learning how impactful collaboration, support and hope are to economic renewal and recovery. Read more in my March Letter. 

On a recent rainy bike ride to campus, I reflected on the challenges we’ve overcome—And having begun my second term as president, I think about the power of taking the long view and the words of Elder Latash-Maurice Nahanee in my January Letter. Read more

In my October Letter, I reflect on #LiminalLeadership and how we can lead through uncertainty with care, self-respect and optimism, pointing to CapU faculty who are modelling these lessons in very tangible ways—Lori Walker and Carolyn Stern. Read more

With a second COVID-19 shot done, I look ahead with an eagerness to return to vibrant campus life at CapU. In my July Letter, read about the transformative power of giving, community and the story of Emily Solomon, CapU alumna. Read more

I'm excited to share my latest update to the community from CapU. As we prepare for the return to campus in the fall, I look forward not to a return to normal, but to the start of something new. Read more about the people leading our post-pandemic future. Read more

In my March update, I share how we are adapting to our pandemic narrative as a three-act musical. We had made it through Act 1 and were about to launch Act 2—and there is still Act 3, with its promise of universal vaccines, in the distance. While we can’t always choose the way life unfolds, we can choose to respond in a way that builds personal and professional resilience. Read more

In my November update, I share lessons in leadership and community-building. I reflect on the life of Elder Ernie George—Slá'hólt—Hereditary Chief of the Tsleil-Waututh Nation and share the insights from people who have embraced community partnerships that engage their learning experiences and have led creative solutions to challenges that don’t appear in any textbook. Read more

I'm excited to launch the first in a bimonthly series of updates to the community from CapU. Read more as I share lessons in resilience from people who exemplify the creative thinking and optimistic spirit that will sustain us in the months ahead. Read more