Capilano University's commitment to academic quality assurance includes university-supported opportunities for reflection, including academic unit review and participation in the province-wide Quality Assurance Process Audit, and program renewal in alignment the University's strategic plans and commitments to learners.

Academic Unit Review

Academic unit review is an important means of promoting accountability and transparency across educational institutions to ensure structured opportunities for reflection and refinement in the service of learners and their learning journey.

At CapU the primary building blocks of cyclical academic unit review are a self-study report, dialogue with an external review committee, and an action plan.

As presented to Senate in March 2023, upcoming academic unit reviews are scheduled through to the 2029-2030 academic year (pdf).

Quality Assurance Process Audit

The Quality Assurance Process Audit (QAPA) is an external review process to ensure that public post-secondary institutions periodically conduct rigorous, ongoing program and institutional quality assessment.

All B.C. public institutions participate in the QAPA once every seven years. The process was developed by the Quality Assurance Audit Committee, a standing committee of the Degree Quality Assessment Board.

CapU completed its first Quality Assurance Process Audit during the 2021-2022 academic year, including a QAPA site visit with three DQAB-appointed external assessors in January 2022.

Below are the reports associated with CapU's 2021-22 QAPA audit:

Further Information

For further information on CapU's academic quality assurance processes and resources, please contact Aurelea Mahood, director, Academic Initiatives and Planning at amahood@capilanou.ca.


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