Comments from Core Themes Focus Groups

The Executive hosted two forums on core themes: September 25 and 26, 2013.  Sixty-two members of the campus community attended and the executive collected over three hundred comments on core themes.  These comments related to mission and vision and measurement concepts.

The attached schematic of our proposed core themes was the starting point for participants. 

Core Theme Schematic3  

Participants were asked to perform two activities: 

  1. They were to offer comments on the core themes in the context of how they related to our mission and vision, and how they could be used as a guiding framework for our planning process. 

  2. They were invited to suggest possible measure of the proposed core themes by either activities and/or outcomes. An activity measure is something that will count how many times something happens (e.g., number of graduates).  An outcome measure will capture the "result" element of activities (e.g., degree of success in applying skills and abilities learned). 

We anticipate using these comments as one of the ways in which we develop accountable indicators for our core themes. Additional input from the community would be welcomed and encouraged.

The comments have been broken into four sections for easier reviewing.

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