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Daily self health checks

All students, employees and visitors are asked to monitor their own health on a daily basis and stay home if they are feeling unwell.

There is no requirement at this time to record your daily self health check status prior to coming on campus or attend University events. Daily self health checks will be monitored and recorded only where and when required by industry-specific guidance or provincial/medical order.

The BC COVID-19 Self-Assessment Tool will help guide you through your daily self health checks.

After completing a daily self health check, any student, employee or visitor who finds themselves feeling ill:

  • are encouraged not come on campus or attend any University events in person
  • CapU staff, exempt employees and admin must inform their supervisor by logging their sick-day into PurelyHR
  • Faculty must inform their DS or program coordinator when they are sick
  • Students must inform their instructor by email

To contact first-aid at each campus location

  • Main campus: Call Campus Security & First Aid at 604 986 1763, ext. 1763
  • CapU Lonsdale: Call the front desk at 604 986 1911, ext. 5600 and 911
  • kálax-ay/the Sunshine Coast campus: Go to the front desk and call 911
  • Ts’zil Learning Centre: Go to the front desk and call 911

Medical benefits and claims

Students and employees should familiarize themselves with their extended medical benefits.

International students should check their individual medical insurance policies. Employees who have contracted a communicable disease through a verified contact at work or because of an outbreak are eligible and should apply for a WorkSafeBC medical claim by submitting a Worker’s Report of Injury or Occupational Disease to Employer and calling WSBC at 1-888-WORKERS.



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