Instructor, English
Faculty of Arts and Sciences
School of Humanities

604.986.1911 ext. 2428
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MA, English, Simon Fraser University, 1995.

BA, English, Simon Fraser University, 1991.


Reg Johanson (MA, Simon Fraser University, 1995) teaches writing and contemporary literature from an anti-colonial and anti-capitalist perspective. He has taught at Douglas College, Langara College and Simon Fraser University, in addition to a year teaching ESL in Seoul, Korea. He often teaches in Capilano University's Bachelor of Arts with a major in Liberal Studies program, and occasionally at The Writers Studio at Simon Fraser University and Humanities 101 at UBC.

Johanson is the editor of CUE Books, for which he edited a collection of Annhartes critical prose, AKA Inendagosekwe (CUE 2013). He is the author of several books of poetry, including Courage, My Love (LINEbooks 2006), N 49 19. 47 W 123 8. 11 (Pacific Institute of Language and Literacy Studies, 2008, with Roger Farr and Aaron Vidaver), Escraches (Lefthand Press, 2010), Band of Gypsies (Heavy Industries, 2011) and Mortify (Standard Ink and Copy Press, 2012). His writing has appeared in The Capilano Review, Fifth Estate, West Coast Line, the Open Text anthology series (CUE Books) and elsewhere.

He lives in a rapidly gentrifying East Vancouver on the unceded territory of the Musqueam, Tsleil Waututh and Squamish people.

The colonial project, historically and in contemporary neo-colonial forms, is a primary shaping force of culture. Like capitalism, the world it has created is often seen as, if not natural, at least inevitable. I like the stories about alternatives and resistance.

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2017: Stenistolw Indigenous Adult Education Conference, Camosun College, Victoria, BC, August 23-25.

2017: Farr / Johanson / Vidaver 2. Reading. October 11, 2017, Vancouver, BC.

2017: Farr / Johanson / Vidaver. Reading. January 27, 2017, Vancouver, BC.

2016: CICan Indigenous Education Symposium, Yukon College, Whitehorse, Yukon, February 23-25, 2016.

2015: Lunchtime Talk with Tarah Hogue on Art and Residential Schools. First Nations Student Services, Capilano University, North Vancouver, BC, Feb. 27 2015.

2015: Teachers Course, Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning, Yellowknife, NWT, June 2015.

2014: Lunch Poems at SFU. Reading. Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, April 16, 2014.

2011: 6 Problems For The Durutti Free Skool. Pamphlet prepared for Durutti Free Skool conference, August 12-14 2011, Oakland Berkeley, CA. Co-authored with Danielle Lafrance, Patrick Morrison, Roger Farr, Aaron Vidaver, and Louis Cabri.

2011: La commune--To The Barricades. Reading. VIVO, Vancouver BC. May 28 2011. With Mercedes Eng, Cecily Nicholson, Kim Minkus, Ray Hsu, Steve Collis.

2011: Reading. Cross Border / Shared Coast Poetry Convergence. Field Work Gallery, Portland OR. April 30 2011. With Jen Currin, Peter Mcdonald, Christine Leclerc, Cecily Nicholson, Carmen Papalia, and Mercedes Eng.

2011: The Lone Gunman: Interventions and the Pathologies of Institutions. Paper presented at The Conference on the Conference. Goldcorp Center for Contemporary Art, Simon Fraser University. Vancouver BC, March 4 & 5 2011.

2011: Reading. Word Ruckus, Kelowna Community Theatre, Kelowna BC. March 25 2011. Curated by Jake Kennedy and Kevin Mcpherson Eckhoff.

2010: Reading and talk. Big Pelt Talkies III. Seattle, Washington. March 21, 2010.

2010: Reading. Tangent Reading Series, Portland, Oregon. March 13, 2010.

2010: Reading. A Night Of Revolutionary Poetry. VIVO. Vancouver BC, Nov. 12 2010. Curated by Cecily Nicholson, Althea Thauberger, Nicholas Perrin, Am Johal, and Donato Mancini.

2010: Talk on George Stanley. Respondency West Reading Series. Vancouver BC, Nov. 4 2010. Curated by Jordan Scott and Jason Christie.

2010: Reading. University of Northern BC. Prince George, BC, Nov. 1 2010.

2008: Nothing to Lose But Funding: Recognition, Recuperation, and Decolonizing the Culture Apparatus. Paper presented at Positions N 49 15.832 W 123 05.921 Colloquium, Vancouver, BC. Aug. 19-24, 2008.

2007: Reading. Test Reading Series, Mercer Union Center for Contemporary Art, Toronto April 26 2007. Curated by Mark Trustcott.

2007: Reading. The Capilano Review, 35th Anniversary Reading. Vancouver East Cultural Centre, Vancouver, BC. Sept. 13, 2007.