B.Sc., MA, MAT, MDL, EdD, PhD

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Doctoral Fellowship, Center for Post-Doctoral Studies, Madrid, Spain, 2021.

PhD, Business and Economics, University of Kansas, 2015.

EdD, Education, Universidad del Sol (UNADES), 2014.

MDL, Leadership and Development, Complutense de Madrid (ISEAD), 2012.

MAT, Social Sciences, Piedmont University, 2004.

OCT, Ontario College of Teachers, 2004.

MA, Latin American Studies, University of Kansas, 1990.

B.Sc., Finance and Economics, University of Maryland, 1987.

"I believe in the strong power of education, and I prepare my classes with dedication and passion because I know this is what learners expect of me."


Lou Villalba (PhD, University of Kansas, 2015) is a permanent professor at Capilano University in the School of Business. He has more than 20 years of academic experience in International Business, Economics, Latin American Studies and Economic Development. He has extensive experience teaching in North America, Europe and Latin America. He is an advocate for international education programs.

Villalba is Honorary Consul of Paraguay to British Columbia, Canada. He serves in the Diplomatic Corps of British Columbia as well as in the Latin American Diplomatic Corps of British Columbia (GRULAVAN). He is proud to serve as a commercial and educational link between B.C., Latin America and Europe.

Villalba recently finished a post-doctoral fellowship at the Center for Doctoral Studies in Madrid, Spain. He was Chief Monetary Officer of the Central Bank of Paraguay and also served for several years at the Board of the World Bank and the Global Environmental Facility (GEF) in Washington, D.C. He also served as program liaison for Inter-American Development Bank and United Nations Development program while stationed in Latin America.

Villalba is a proud former high school teacher in Athens, Georgia and in East Caledon, Ontario. He is a certified teacher in the State of Georgia, and in the provinces of Ontario and British Columbia. He is an active international educator.

In the last seven years, Villalba has done research and development work in Paraguay, Argentina, China, Japan, Mexico, South Africa, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, the United States and Canada.

I am passionate about teaching and learning. I was trained in an interdisciplinary manner, and I do my best to provide opportunities for my students to apply critical thinking on their work. I think of an academic environment as an ecosystem where interaction is critical. My classroom is always a safe place.

My teaching assignments are international business and economics, inter-cultural communication, innovation management and in an increasing manner green business and sustainability. I use economics to frame a much larger context in which businesses develop and I understand the responsibilities of business to our larger community, and I integrate social responsibility, development, and sustainability as part of the business agenda.

During the last six years, I kept two open fronts of research: one on my post-doctoral fellowship related to systems of on-going improvement of the British Columbia post-secondary educational system. I created case studies based on an "organizational ethnographic study" with three years of field research.

My second most recent areas of research are green business management and sustainability. My research was published in 2017 and contained interdisciplinary knowledge in the overlapping areas of business, scientific agricultural research, green and clean technologies for organic fertilizers, product development and design as well as innovation management. The research incorporated patents, bio and organic certification.

Villalba, Lou. A Participative Organizational Ethnographic Study on the Ecosystem of Program Review Processes (and initiatives of improvement) at the School of Business at Kwantlen Polytechnic University- British Columbia, Canada: A Reflection on Processes, People, By-laws, Managing Change and Lessons Learned- 2016-2019. Case Studies:  ENTR- Entrepreneur Leadership and HRMT- Human Resource Management Programs. Under current review for publication.

Villalba, Lou. Green and Clean Technologies: Sustainable Soils with Diamagnetic and Paramagnetic Fertilization. Publisher:  Ediciones y Arte S.A., 2017.

Recipient, One of the Ten Most Influential Hispanic Canadians, Canadian Federal Minister of Heritage, 2018.